On a fake looking rock in Brazil supposedly overlooking the ocean :)

А Year in Review From a 28-Year Old Digital Nomad (Part I )— Day 40 of 99 Days of Wander

Love & engagement, discovering who I am not, quitting an online venture and starting another, getting a full-time remote job while being paid double, starting my gluten and lactose free journey, intense yoga practice, learning Spanish and Portuguese, getting a driver’s license — these are just some of the transformations I went through during my 27th year of life :)

Beach, great healthy food and ease of access to it, arts and culture, ease of getting around (walking, biking or Ubering), safety and peace, an open-minded positive tribe, inspiring coworking spaces — that’s all I need to be happy.

Wanderova went on an adventure.
Tina and Amy watching the movie of my life ;-)
Emma and Ryan know it.
Pre-wedding photoshoot :)
Yoga bunny says “Namaste.”
Finally got my driver’s license.

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