Madeira Island, Portugal (Personal archive)

А Year in Review From a 28-Year Old Digital Nomad (Part II ) — Day 42 of 99 Days of Wander

Travel highlights of my 27th year of adventure through Latin America, Australia and Europe and all the impressions it brought with it.

For Part I on what I've learned during my 27th year of travelling go read here
Top 9 of Colombia.
Top 9 of Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Top 9 of Sayulita, Mexico.
Photos from the cruise.
Top 9 of Madeira Island.
Top 9 of selfies with friends and family in Barcelona.
Top 9 of Barcelona and crazy fast internet :)
Liam agrees.
The kangaroos were happy to see me as well!
Top 9 of Australia.

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