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10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Months of the Claimed Program

A story of transformation and reclaiming yourself by Nikki Mantyla

Anna Rova
3 min readOct 28, 2022


  1. Always, always, always claim yourself first. When in doubt, when confused, when stumbling, when you find yourself wanting a certain outcome or worrying what men think of you etc etc etc, FOCUS ON YOURSELF. Give yourself what you’re needing. Prove to yourself what you’re worth.

2. Let go of the outcome. Seriously just let go. Open your fist and let it fly away. No matter how certain you are that you know how the story should end. Nope. LET IT GO. Otherwise, I’d still be tormented by my ex’s flip-flopping instead of partaking in the current FEAST of love I’ve got with my CMM.

3. Trust that it’s ok to take all the space you need whenever you need it. You do not have to date when your body isn’t ready to date. You do not have to make peace with your ex-husband/co-parent when your body isn’t ready for that. You do not have to even text your exclusive CMM when your body needs alone time. See #1 above. And then, magically, when your body says you ARE ready, your relationships can snap into that blissful sweet spot in an instant (yep, even with the ex).

4. Be vulnerable. This means admitting your feelings verbally and letting them show on your face. It means admitting that you can’t and don’t want to do everything. It means admitting that you need and want help and advice from men (even your ex sometimes).

5. Receive, receive, receive. Accept the help and advice and gifts and dates and favors and compliments etc etc and see how good it all feels in your body. Notice how you relax. Notice the relief. Notice the full joy of it.

6. Flow with every emotion. Take your relief to your mat so it really sinks in! Or your gratitude, your resistance, your anger, your confusion, your bliss, your exhaustion, your sadness, whatever it is. Teach your body to welcome all of it! Be a conduit, letting your emotions wash through as they please. I promise you’ll feel so alive!

7. Create your ideal avatar via funneling and believe he exists. With every man I met in my funnel, I learned what I liked/wanted. I added the “yes please!” traits to my mental ideal avatar list, and the “no thanks” traits to a do-not-repeat list. With my CMM, I literally got everything I wanted, down to the blue Audi he drives that I’d really liked about an earlier guy in my funnel!

8. Be unapologetically feminine. I used to believe I needed an “occasion” to wear dresses or skirts or jewellery or makeup. Nope! This has been my summer of all of the above. Don’t even care if my CMM is in a tee-shirt and shorts; I’m in a skirt or dress 80% of the time. He LOVES it and so do I! And it is incredibly sexy!

9. Keep studying polarity and wild femininity etc. It doesn’t matter how many books I read or podcasts I hear on it; I’m constantly learning more and improving my relationships because of it.

10. Listen to yourself, your body, your intuition, your heart. I end here to circle back to #1. I know what’s best for me when I’m centered and embodied and in touch with myself. When I’m not, I know to stop and drop in as deeply as I can. This is where transformation happens over and over, because it tells me to do another limiting beliefs flow or another wild woman flow or to play a certain playlist or to text my CMM or to message my support groups or whatever is needed. All your answers are there if you’re brave enough to ask the questions.

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