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10 Things You Can Do Today to Change the Masculine/Feminine Polarity in Your Relationship

How to stop being “the man” in the relationship

Women are exquisitely bizarre creatures.

  1. As you lean more into your feminine, your man won’t be able to step into his masculine simply because he is not ready yet or doesn’t have that capacity for the masculine that is suitable and desirable by you. Thus, the inevitable end of the relationship will approach.
  1. Work with stepping into your femininity
  2. Delegate more decisions and responsibilities to him
  3. Stop taking care of everything and everyone
  4. Stop paying for him or helping him out
  5. Stop parenting him and telling him what to do
  6. Practice trust that he will figure it out
  7. Set strong boundaries
  8. Focus on you
  9. Work on your beliefs around men, women, and relationships
  1. Expect him to resist — juts like you can’t expect him to jump on board and take charge immediately, you also can’t expect him to like this new shift. He will naturally resist it and fight it. Why would he suddenly do more work than required? But fix it if it’s not broken? But you know it’s broken, he just doesn’t see it yet. More often than not men start “fixing” their marriage or the pipes in the house when it’s really broken. Unfortunately, most of the times it’s just too late. So you need to help him in going through this transition. Don’t pay attention to his complaints, whining, and disappointment. Gradually, he will take on more responsibility and his masculine senses will awaken.

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