12 Unexpected Ways Motherhood Transformed Me Into a Better Woman

And why you might want to “fit” a child into your life

I grew up in a world where I saw children as a nuisance. As a burden. The crying, the nagging, the tantrums. Who the fuck wants that? Why? For what greater purpose? What’s the greater good in this sacrifice?

From the moment that embryo would inhabit my womb space, I thought I wouldn’t belong to myself. “Once you have children, your life is pretty much over” was the message I grew up with. I saw a child as something that would be attached to me (literally) for hours, days and years on end. As something that would take away my freedom and put me in a box without a way out.

How and when having children and creating a family have become such a terrible, limiting idea, when, in fact, it has become my greatest joy and liberation?!

Role Models

Post-Modern Feminism

Like, is that it?! Is that all that I am? A woman, wife, a mother…?

It seemed like marriage and children are these holy grails of a feminine soul that everyone has to want. Just because I have a vagina doesn’t mean I want to have children.

Stepping Into My Femininity

Paradigm Shifts

Getting Pregnant



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First 40 Days & Beyond

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