14 Ways to Reconnect to Your Wild Woman: The Antidote to Hustling

The power of running with the wolves and the wild woman archetype

We live in a time where most women feel more and more anxiety, stress, overwhelm and confusion in their lives.

The way out

The doorway out of this misery is through rediscovering and reclaiming our wild feminine nature. Reconnecting with our wild woman.

While connecting to these wild moments in life is fun, diving deep into the actual wild woman archetype is essential for every woman who wants to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

But it doesn’t happen right away.

1. Embrace your life-giving nature

Just like the wolf, the wild woman is life force itself. There is great power in her ability to move, to influence and to get what she wants. She might not be achieving it using common well-known ways. Lifeforce is what pushes boundaries, creates new, and constantly expands. Lifeforce gives energy and provides healing and is a tremendous resource of personal power for those who know how to use it.

2. Know your healing powers

Her deep intuitive nature knows. This knowing gives her power and insight. She is a healer for hearts and wombs. She can heal herself and others without effort. Just being around her is healing and rejuvenating.

3. Establish territory and become territorially aware

The wild woman knows where she is at all times and doesn’t put herself in unnecessary danger. She takes calculated risks. She takes the time to explore and nourish the land she lives on.

4. Be alert

Her five senses are sharp and developed. She works with her own body to cultivate awareness and sensuality. She listens through her body and her senses. She trusts her body to lead her to where she needs to go. She knows the right time to fight, fly or freeze. She is always alert but not paranoid. She is always feeling into the situation, into the people, and into the land. She reads the signs. She listens to them. She trusts her internal instincts.

5. Find your pack

She doesn’t stop searching until she finds her tribe. When she finds her people, deep down she knows she has arrived. She knows the power of true sisterhood and is uplifted by it. She can rely on her pack as her support system. She knows she is free to come and go as she pleases and that she is always welcomed to be free in her own expression.

6. Develop intuition and far-sight

She trusts her intuition and constantly works to drop deeper. Her gut and her body know before she knows. Her decisions are governed by the mind-heart-womb connection. She listens to her womb and knows its power. She thrives on the close relationship with her womb - the source of life force.

7. Listen deeply

She listens deeply with her whole body, mind, and soul. She has developed a powerful relationship with herself and always tunes in to her internal voice. She listens to herself. If she can’t hear herself she knows she needs to turn the volume down on the noise.

8. Cultivate loyalty and surrender

She is loyal to herself, to her partner and to her community. She doesn’t betray her own instincts following a new shiny thing. She understands sacrifice, patience and the dual nature of life. She doesn’t run away when things get hard. She sticks by her principles and values.

9. Speak and act on your behalf

She never forgets herself or puts herself second. She is on top of her priorities. She makes sure her voice is strong and powerful. She doesn’t let others make her decisions and live her life. She has strong boundaries and respects them. Everyone else respects them too. She knows her worth and value and acts out of healthy self-confidence and self-esteem.

10. Thunder in the face of injustice with dignity

She has a strong sense of justice and knows what’s right and wrong. She doesn’t fight someone else’s wars and doesn’t get recruited into random causes. She fights for injustice according to her own principles and learns when to let go.

11. Never surrender to domestication

You can’t tame a wild woman. The wilderness in her contradicts domestication. If she feels trapped or constricted, she will fight or flee. She will find her way to liberate herself from the cage even if she has built it up herself.

12. Share your creativity

She is highly creative and uses her creativity for growth, healing, and self-expression. A wild woman cannot live without her creativity. Her art is her creation. She can’t live a dull, gray life. In order to live she needs to create.

13. Develop a relationship with your body

She loves her body and accepts it as it is. She takes care of her body, its longevity, and health. She uses her body as her vehicle for living and creating life, expressing and nurturing herself. She values pleasure and claims her sexuality. She is certain of herself and proud to be in a female body.

14. Appreciates the masculine

She knows the value of partnership, union, and marriage with her beloved. She uses her powers to nourish, fuel and ignite her relationship. She respects and knows the value of the masculine in her life and thrives on its attention, help, and care. She knows she doesn’t have to work hard to get what she wants. She opens herself fully and is not afraid to fall into his arms. She surrenders to the masculine and trusts him fully to carry her into love, prosperity and freedom.

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