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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Care About Current Affairs

I am building the world I choose to live in and so is my partner and so will our children. I don’t care if you call me a hippie. Maybe I am. Maybe I was supposed to be born in a different decade. Maybe I am weak. But I live my life in a way that works for me.

I was never an activist or an environmentalist. The social causes or charity programs have never interested me much. I am apolitical, agnostic and anti-feminist. I have never been involved in protests, mass social action or re-sharing stuff on social media or through email.

Reason #1: There are two sides to every coin.

I take a neutral position in regards to most world events and am hesitant to express my opinion on them, simply because I don’t have enough facts to form a solid conclusion. Yes, I could research it further and come to a certain opinion and be a true citizen of the world. But I am quite overwhelmed and skeptical about all the information out there. Besides, there will never be a “black and white” answer to any of those issues.

Women’s March — I see the point, but I also consider it useless and quite radical.Trump - Yeah, he looks like an idiot but I’m curious to see whether things could change for better with his policies in place. Recent ban on immigration laws - sounds ridiculous and against human rights but I can understand why that could be beneficial. Globalization - I understand it's a big issue but I have a hard time seeing it affecting me personally at this moment in time.

Reason #2: Most issues do not affect me directly.

This one is difficult to admit even to myself but it is the truth. Most of these issues don’t affect me personally as I don’t “feel” it on my own skin. As a result, I don’t take action to research the facts, form an opinion and propagate it. It’s hard to stand for or against something that doesn’t appear real to me.

Reason #3: Objectivism.

Objectivism explained in 2 minutes.

“If you know that this life is all that you have, wouldn’t you make the most of it?”

In fact, my father had made sure that my sister and I would always live by this quote. He made sure we get the best education possible so we could leave the country to have a better future. I am eternally grateful for his mentality as a parent. He wanted a better future for his children. I will also want a better future for my children and I will let them choose for themselves whether they would like to be actively involved in current affairs or not. That will be their choice.

Reason #4: I go towards something instead of against it.

Resistance breeds resistance. The fight against terrorism breeds more terrorists. Hate breeds hate. Protests breed more protests. Yes, they might be effective but I choose not to be a part of them. I choose not to be around negative emotions.


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