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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Care About Current Affairs

I am building the world I choose to live in and so is my partner and so will our children. I don’t care if you call me a hippie. Maybe I am. Maybe I was supposed to be born in a different decade. Maybe I am weak. But I live my life in a way that works for me.

I was never an activist or an environmentalist. The social causes or charity programs have never interested me much. I am apolitical, agnostic and anti-feminist. I have never been involved in protests, mass social action or re-sharing stuff on social media or through email.

Women’s March, Trump, globalization, recent ban on immigration laws, shootings, polar bears going extinct, refugees…

Yes, I do care. But not in the same way most people do. Quite possibly the others like me are not so active on social media so that’s why I feel alone. I know I care because these events produce a range of certain negative or positive reactions within me.

Here are the 4 reasons why I don’t care to openly express my opinions about world events:

Reason #1: There are two sides to every coin.

I take a neutral position in regards to most world events and am hesitant to express my opinion on them, simply because I don’t have enough facts to form a solid conclusion. Yes, I could research it further and come to a certain opinion and be a true citizen of the world. But I am quite overwhelmed and skeptical about all the information out there. Besides, there will never be a “black and white” answer to any of those issues.

Here are some vague thoughts going through my mind about some of the current events:

Women’s March — I see the point, but I also consider it useless and quite radical.Trump - Yeah, he looks like an idiot but I’m curious to see whether things could change for better with his policies in place. Recent ban on immigration laws - sounds ridiculous and against human rights but I can understand why that could be beneficial. Globalization - I understand it's a big issue but I have a hard time seeing it affecting me personally at this moment in time.

Reason #2: Most issues do not affect me directly.

This one is difficult to admit even to myself but it is the truth. Most of these issues don’t affect me personally as I don’t “feel” it on my own skin. As a result, I don’t take action to research the facts, form an opinion and propagate it. It’s hard to stand for or against something that doesn’t appear real to me.

I am not sure how others can be so vocal about issues in America without having lived in or ever visited America. I have lived in America for about 2 years in total and I still can’t form an objective, solid opinion on what’s happening.

The reality is that the current affairs have little effect on my life. Is that good or bad? Again, there are two sides to every coin.

It’s good because I live a peaceful life, mind my own business and take the comfortable seat of an observer (see Reason #1 as to why the comfortable seat is “comfortable” for me.) It is bad because it feels like it’s not my issue to deal with and I don’t participate and thus, the contribution to “common good” is non-existent (although, the “common good” is also debatable.)

It’s difficult for me to really “feel,” react and fight for these issues. For example, the war in Ukraine, a country that is bordering Moldova, was so terrible and it affected some of my friends… But I still didn’t really “feel” it.

Maybe it’s not in my genes to feel the world this way and react in a way the world wants or needs me to react. Am I different from anyone else? Am I selfish or do I lack empathy? Am I a bad person who doesn’t really care about the world? Some of my friends, who are not really my friends anymore, have called me cold-hearted… Others have told me that I am one of the most caring people they know.

Maybe there is too much going on in the world for me to digest and I choose to focus on my life first. Maybe living my life to the fullest while not breaking any moral, ethical and criminal laws is my purpose… And that brings me to the third, and most important reason for me not being involved in current affairs:

Reason #3: Objectivism.

“Realize your highest potential by pursuing rational ends. And live in harmony with others by respecting their right to their own life and happiness. The result of this philosophy is a life of reason, purpose, self-esteem. A philosophy for living on earth.”

That is the philosophy of Objectivism developed by philosopher Ayn Rand and I live by it. I read three of her books and she quickly became one of my favourite novelists.

A quick recap on Objectivism below:

Objectivism explained in 2 minutes.

Objectivism says altruism is evil and I believe in that too. If you read Rand’s books you’ll understand why. I don’t donate to charity or give money to people on the street. People have to understand the value of money by earning it and then spending or investing it. It’s an exchange of energy. Any monetary transaction is an exchange of value. I give money to people who play instruments, sing or dance on the streets because I am paying for the entertainment. I will support educational programs in Africa but not charity programs.

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” — Ayn Rand

Maybe I simply don’t waste time on the issues that don’t involve me directly and I simply am trying to “realize my highest potential by pursuing rational ends.”

I used to think the world is unfair and had spent countless hours, days and years blaming the world. But I remember a certain feeling raising inside me day by day when taking a trolleybus to work in the summer when I was 17… I was slowly but surely deciding that one day I will get out of this misery and I will get out there and build a life for myself.

So I did not protest and participate in social action against our Moldovan government because I didn’t see the point. I left the country to study abroad in Bulgaria, then to work for 3 years in Malaysia and then traveling the world as a digital nomad for almost 2 years now. Since then I haven’t spent more than 2 weeks a year in Moldova. It is my motherland but I choose not to be a part of it… until the opportunity presents itself. Call me an opportunist but I live by Rand’s quote:

“If you know that this life is all that you have, wouldn’t you make the most of it?”

In fact, my father had made sure that my sister and I would always live by this quote. He made sure we get the best education possible so we could leave the country to have a better future. I am eternally grateful for his mentality as a parent. He wanted a better future for his children. I will also want a better future for my children and I will let them choose for themselves whether they would like to be actively involved in current affairs or not. That will be their choice.

You might think that it’s easy for me to say. I travel the world, have two passports and life is all good in a tropical city of Rio de Janeiro. However, I would like to remind you that I was born in the poorest country in Europe, have lost my mother at the age of eight and worked my ass off since I was 14 to get to where I am today. I ate a lot of shit from parents, people and the world on the way. So I think I’ve earned my right to express my opinion about how the world works for me ;-)

Reason #4: I go towards something instead of against it.

Resistance breeds resistance. The fight against terrorism breeds more terrorists. Hate breeds hate. Protests breed more protests. Yes, they might be effective but I choose not to be a part of them. I choose not to be around negative emotions.

Give them love, they won’t resist. Although this might sound religious or whatever you might call it but this is how I choose to take a position in the affairs. I understand that when you’re denied the right to enter a country where you have family and friends simply because of your name and passport is unjust and unfair. But I would try really hard to make the most out of the situation and instead of raging on Facebook on how America has betrayed me, first I would think about the fact that America has chosen its president and this event already has produced a lot of reaction. Then, maybe I would think about what I can do to focus on what I want and go towards it. Do I want access back in America? Why don’t I put together a case study or speak at an event about how much good the immigrants have done for this country? Lastly, I would find a way to build a life for myself until the issue is sorted. Hey, Canada welcomes refugees! That’s awesome news, right? There is two sides to every coin.

I choose to go towards something not away from it. Instead of marching in protest I will think of ways how I can go towards the desired outcome. I choose to experience positive emotions of love, community and sisterhood but not hate, violence and conflict.

Yes, I might be avoiding conflict and yes, you can think I am wearing pink glasses and live in a virtual rituality. I don’t care.

I am building the world I choose to live in and so is my partner and so will our children. I don’t care if you call me a hippie. Maybe I am. Maybe I was supposed to be born in a different decade. Maybe I am weak. But I live my life in a way that works for me. I earn my own money, travel the world and choose to think and do what I want. If everyone did that, maybe we would be better off. Maybe not. I can’t predict the future. But I am pursuing my own happiness as my purpose in life.

This post was inspired by my recent visit to the “Museu do Amanhã” in Rio de Janeiro. The 2.5-hour visit kept me fascinated the whole time and posed some important questions in my mind.

“The Museum of Tomorrow is a different kind of science Museum. A space conceived through the values of sustainability and conviviality that explores the ever-changing times we’re witnessing and the possible paths we may take during the next 50 years.”


Here is a quick giphy showcasing one of the exhibits:

A collage of various interactive exhibits representing life, social structures and human interactions and one of the oldest symbols of progress.

These are six giant vertical screens that constantly play a motivational movie about our over-consumption, over-use of resources and population growth.

If you resonate with the article above, I would like to hear from you. Please comment below.


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I help single successful women attract committed masculine men | Founder of

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