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3 Steps to Attract Better Men This Year

The 3 key shifts you need to make to make 2022 your “Year of Better Men”

Today’s message is probably going to be the most important insight that you’re going to receive this whole year about how to attract committed masculine men.

I have been running the Claimed Program for two years now (and coaching women one-on-one before that). I’ve helped hundreds of women reframe their beliefs and their dating patterns so they can start attracting amazing men.

And, today, I’m giving you the blueprint.

Watch my new video here:

These are the three pillars of my entire body of work that helps women shift and transform so they can attract amazing men, committed masculine men into their life.

Here is what I talk about in the video:

  1. Understanding masculine/feminine polarity and what you can do so you can attract men who take charge and lead you into a relationship
  2. Reframing limiting beliefs you have about yourself, men and relationships so you break the cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable men (and also break this recurring cycle that has been happening for women in your female line)
  3. Embodiment and how it affects your ability to attract great men

So, if your intention for this year is to find an amazing man, to attract him into your life and to potentially settle down with him… get engaged, married, or whatever you want, then this video is for you.

Now, a lot of women have achieved a lot of success by just knowing these principles.

But if you are tired of dating, don’t know what to do anymore, and if you truly want to transform fast, then watch until the end because I have a solution for you.

A solution that’s really going to help you shift and transform in a sustainable way so that you can move forward and live an amazing life.

As you watch, I encourage you to pay special attention to the practical tools and exercises I provide for each of the three pillars… and actually try them!

(And if you’re a client on the inside of Claimed, here’s your reminder that experience trumps everything: to see results, you have to put what you learn into practice.)

If you watched this video and it resonates and you want to see how we can help, then apply for your free discovery call.



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