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3 Things to Do to Let Go of The Drama and The Story During Dating

Why taking radical responsibility, getting out of your head and dating multiple men at a time is your path to liberation and breaking through the same patterns with men

Every time a woman shares with me her dating & relationship experience she leads with a story.

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1. Radical Responsibility

We start this journey by owning everything that has happened to us and our experiences with men. We also take responsibility for what’s going to happen next. We take charge and stand up for ourselves. We’re ready to acknowledge, accept and own our words and actions and do the work. We get out of the victim mentality “this happened to me” or “he did this to me.”

2. Feminine Embodiment

Once we have accepted radical responsibility we can move to liberation and embodiment.

3. Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds basically says that you should always date at least three men at a time and don’t stop dating until one of these men makes an implicit or an explicit claim on you as his woman.

  • Why it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to see/date 3 men at a time in your dating funnel
  • What does evolutionary psychology have to do with dating?
  • How parental investment influences the way men and women date
  • “Shopping for shoes” metaphor and how to apply it to your dating with men
  • Why sex creates attachment
  • Why giving him a chance to compete and pursue you is important
  • Action step: What can you fo this week to start exposing yourself to more potential suitors and start your “Rule of Thirds”

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