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4 Lessons I Learned From My Father’s Death

How grieving helps us get closer to who we really are & practical things to do if you’re grieving

Lesson 1: Give Zero F*cks

Lesson 2: Let Us Pray

I pray when I am in downward dog. I pray when I breathe in savasana. I pray when I write Morning Pages. I pray when I pull out a tarot card. I pray when I light up my candle. I pray when I cuddle my children. I pray when I have amazing sex. I pray when I feel pleasure. And I pray when I write. This is what God looks like to me.

I forgot that if I only let the Universe conspire with me, it can make all my dreams come true. I forgot that if only I lean back and open my legs to the Universe just like I open my legs to my man and receive — things will come to me.

I’m ready to make love to everything I want and seduce it into my life. I now know how to do it.

Lesson 3: You Are Worthy of Love

Lesson 4: Leave No Regrets, No Words Unsaid

Through healing the relationship with my father I’ve healed my relationship with men. His death and this grief is also a process of healing and a process of further becoming who I truly am.

Practical things to do if you’re grieving



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