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4 Practical Steps to Setting Boundaries with Men

Why women set the standard, regulate male behavior and how you can set the bar high

Where are the face slaps now?

A beast can’t stay a beast for long around a queen. He will eventually own his shit or leave if she doesn’t take anything less.

A woman is like a barometer to male behavior.

Being around a woman of value is time spent wisely. The man talk is worth the fun but being around a woman of worth is even more valuable. He feeds off of her regal energy. He grows wings. He gains confidence and clarity to move forward. Even five minutes next to her is enough for him to want to move mountains and perhaps win her heart.

“Am I worthy of her? Will she reject me? What shall I say or do to win her over?”

How to regulate male behavior

All of that is in our hands. How you allow others to treat you, is exactly how they will treat you. It all starts with YOU. How others are treating you right now is a reflection of how you are treating yourself.

Four Steps to Setting Your Boundaries With Men

Step 1: Explore and set your own boundaries.

Step 2: Feel into these boundaries.

Step 3: Act on these boundaries.

1. Say how much you appreciate him and what he does2. Then say what bothers you putting an accent on feelings 3. Then introduce the consequence
4. End with a positive note and say that you trust he will do the right thing
MOST IMPORTANT THING: Keep your word and actually follow the consequence. There is nothing worse than setting a consequence and not following through. He will know you're bluffing. Once he understands you mean business, he will stop with the unwanted behavior. But be nice about it. Be a human being. Don't do this like an evil witch. Do it like a queen. If the first consequence doesn’t seem to produce the results that you want - introduce a stronger consequence. If he still doesn’t do it — time to visit a marriage counselor or rethink the reasons you're with this man.

Step 4: Be ready to deal with repercussions

A word on toxic femininity

What has the power to oppress us, also has the power to liberate us.

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