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4 Things to Work on to Effectively Deal With Unhealthy, Toxic Masculine Men

And why your sense of safety within your body is the key to unlocking effective communication and empathy

Unhealthy and toxic masculine men are a kind of men that can be encountered everywhere: at the grocery store, at the board meeting or in your bedroom.

I don’t need revenge to be my instrument for healing.

I don’t need to wait until men “wake up” so I can finally start living.

I don’t need anyone’s permission to fully embrace who I am, lick my wounds and move forward powerfully.

I don’t need to start movements and PR campaigns to expose toxic masculinity in every man on the street, so they become aware of their shortcomings.

How we feel around people who provoke us, are toxic and narcissistic and who make us feel small — is our responsibility and our choice.

Toxic people feed off our inability to stand up for ourselves powerfully; they threaten our sense of safety, and they LOVE dragging us into their power games.

Felling safe in our bodies is our responsibility and our priority. If we feel safe and secure in our sense of self, we will not be threatened, pushed aside or shut down.

The prevalent way to currently deal with a situation where there is a power struggle for control and domination from men is to report, bully, shut down, fight, accuse, take to court, publicly humiliate and shame. Which is what should be done when indeed with inappropriate or predatory behavior.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources available at the time.

And so, whenever you find yourself in a situation with a person who’s clearly doing a poor job at handling his emotions and the emotions of others, remember that statement.

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