43 Men. 2 years. ManInside Show: Failures & Wins

Closing down the podcast — reasons & lessons learned.

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  • Learned about setting up a podcast, RSS feeds, microphones and equipment, tagging and exporting, audio & video editing, design and web development
  • Released 43 interviews that I have personally researched, scheduled, edited and published (last 5 episodes I’ve actually gotten help from a good friend who was working with me), including the one with John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and other 17 books about relationships
  • Worked with 2 interns, 3 virtual assistants, various mentors and supporters
  • Learned about email and social media marketing, traffic, SEO and all the other boring stuff that honestly, I didn’t care much about…
  • Maybe I am not a teacher and not a public person. I want privacy. Maybe my life is only mine to be lived. I have not figured that out yet…
  • I had a business plan and a revenue model, but wasn’t aggressively working towards it.
  • I couldn’t do it alone and I don’t want to. I am an extrovert by nature who needs alone time. But I love being around people and working with people. This online business stuff is a very lonely journey and I need a team. A passionate, dedicated team who cares as much as I do.
  • I am not a coach and other people’s relationship problems do not excite me. And that’s ok.
  • I have never liked the online relationship niche that by default I had become a part of and, therefore, my networking has suffered and competition had not been researched or paid much attention to.
  • Seems like this was really a self-discovery project rather than a business plan. Once I have achieved emotional freedom from men, understood myself deeply (btw, there is no end to this journey), healed from past trauma (no end to this one either!) and rediscovered my femininity, and have eventually attracted my partner — the project seemed to have served its purpose.
“Big Magic”, by Liz Gilbert

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Femininity & Relationship Coach | Claimed Podcast Founder & Host girlskill.com

Femininity & Relationship Coach | Claimed Podcast Founder & Host girlskill.com