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5 Most Common & Worst Pieces of Dating Advice for Women

If you’ve been given any of this advice before (and followed it), then you’re totally sabotaging yourself in dating.

Anna Rova
3 min readMar 23, 2022


What’s the worst piece of dating advice you’ve ever received?

A couple of months ago, a client of mine asked this question in my private Facebook group (sharing with her permission):

And the answers were pure gold!

But they were nothing new to most of the women in our community.

In fact, I bet you’ve heard a few of these gems before, maybe even from other dating coaches or programs out there…

I sure know a few women who’ve followed this exact advice.

And lived to regret it.

Here’s a countdown of the best/worst ones that came up:

5 Most Common & Worst Pieces of Dating Advice for Women

5. “Just tell him you want something serious and that you don’t want to waste your time (at the beginning of dating someone you just met or starting hanging out).”

4. “Why wait for a man to text you? Just text him!”

3. “Always be checking for red flags.”

2. “Be easy-going, the ‘cool girl’ with no expectations. Don’t rock the boat. Pay for stuff and buy him gifts, it’ll show him how much you like him.”

And coming in at #1…

“If you want him, you need to go get him!”


Have you been given any of this advice before (and followed it)?

You see, bad dating advice is EVERYWHERE!

Not even those $20 Dating Guides are safe. In fact, they are one of the worst places to get dating advice.


Tips and tricks won’t work in the long run because they don’t address the root causes of your dating frustrations.

All they will do is get you more into your head, more into your masculine energy, more in the controlling and leading seat, which is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing:

  • Getting out of your head and into your body
  • Forgetting the checklists and focusing on feelings
  • Leaning back and letting him lead

It sounds simple… and it is, once you understand and embody it!

But it isn’t easy… especially if you’re trying to do it on your own.

Like many women in my client community, Christina has made ALL THE MISTAKES.

But now, she’s experienced a major shift in her dating life after finally getting some GOOD advice.

So, I invited her to join me on a LIVE Q&A to talk about all things dating and men: the good, the bad, the ugly… and the incredible results in terms of men she’s attracting after making a few simple changes.

Honestly, I think this video should be compulsory viewing for every single, successful woman on earth.

Not just those who’re on the dating “front lines” like Christina, but every woman who is just frustrated and exhausted and desperate to figure out WTF is up with their dynamics with men:

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My point exactly.



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