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5 Things To Do Today If He Hasn’t Proposed Yet

And why you should stop pressuring him if you want your man to propose

It’s time to let go of the comfy pajama man and step into your big girl pants. Declare your desires for a masculine man and not settle for anything less.

The Big Mistake & The Way Out

If you want a masculine man to claim you as his queen and lead you into marriage — stop talking to him about being married.

How Mature Masculine Men Make Marriage Decisions

And he will make this decision when he’s ready. And when that happens, he will do it out of full commitment and dedication to take care of you and your future family.

And so when a man makes the decision to ultimately claim you forever as his woman — he is taking responsibility. And that responsibility is on his shoulders — not yours.

And when a man feels free with you — you have given him the world. You have given him permission to be himself.

If He Hasn’t Proposed Yet

Ready to Upgrade?

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