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After almost 2 years of digital nomadism around the world I quit my full-time job in online marketing.

What am I doing next?

That’s what I’m going to try and find out in the next 99 days.

I shall document my journey to either a business of my own or another job (no one wants that, of course, but sometimes that is the necessary step) here for the following reasons:

1. Improve my writing. Because everyone tells me my writing is good already so what the heck — I shall only get better at writing… by writing more! Besides, I want to write a book…about life, men and other fun stuff. 2. Share/document my journey. Although, I’m so burnt out from this whole digital sharing age (sometimes I feel like we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing our lives and living in each others bedrooms — including my own), I believe this could lead me to different opinions and viewpoints that will help me excel faster. I also feel this might help someone going through the same thing.3. Personal commitment and accountability. This is for me personally to sit down every day and think “Okay.. what happened today? How have we moved forward? What interesting things and developments happened today?” Good or bad, it shall be documented.4. Cool launch strategy to whatever comes next. Well, if I end up starting my own business this will allow people to follow my journey and thus I shall gain early/fans/subscribers and friends :) I really liked this strategy done by one of the coolest Russian young and bright lady entrepreneur Galiya Berdnikova so thought it would be awesome to replicate. 5. Fun & curiosity. My life is quite unpredictable so it’s always fun to look back and check out what happened in the last 99 days. (And I can also share it with grandchildren!) Almost always there are new things happening in a period of 3 months: revelations and learnings, looses and disappointments, wins and crazy stories. 

So let’s start, my wandering friends ;-)

Day 1 is the official start of the journey since yesterday was my last day as an official online marketing employee. I have dedicated kind-of-a-headstand video to it here:

Although I told myself that I will not think, research or get into another project right away, I started thinking of what to do next with my life about 2 weeks before I quit. Cause that’s when shit got real and it hit me that in 14 days I shall be jobless and nothing to fill my days with.

So at the end of day 1 of the journey, I’m summing with this:

  1. I bought a placement in an online “Life. Business. Success” course in Russian that starts on January 29th and lasts 2,5 months. It is supposed to teach you everything from A to Z about having a successful business and taking your life to the next level. Let’s see where it takes me ;-)
  2. So far I got 4 business ideas for projects I’d be interested to work on!

Idea #1: A platform/resource for millennial women to succeed in all areas of life in a feminine way — like a woman, rather than like a man (think #girlboss but in a girly way and about money, business/career, relationships, lifestyle and mindset) ;) <<< winner so far ;)

Idea #2: A branding company for small business to solidify their branding persona and create digital asset templates (branding style guides, kits and all kinds of digital materials).

Idea #3: A production company that creates photo & video stories for people to remember biggest moments in life that are unique, personalized and super fun! Some ideas here and here (a personalized way to create memories for people and making their dreams come true, at least at a photosession.)

Idea #4: An online shop for the super cool and creative local Mexican store that has all designs done in-house and is made in Sayulita! (they said they’re not selling online yet.) Photos below:

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Revolucion Del Sueno — Sayulita, Mexico

There are a lot of things I’m thinking and talking through about all these ideas but I won’t go into details yet.

Overall I feel very optimistic and excited about possibilities and opportunities out there. I feel like nothing is impossible and am eager to stay on course to discovering WHAT IS NEXT?!

Two things that are next is the 200 hours of yoga teacher training I’m doing in May in Bali and prepping for the wedding to my beloved Estring in September in Moldova.

See you tomorrow.



P.S. Why 99 days? Cause that’s when my Brazilian visa will expire (I shall enter the glorious country of Brazil on January 23, 2017). And yes, I just made that number up cause 100 days is too cliche ;)

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