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1. Improve my writing. Because everyone tells me my writing is good already so what the heck — I shall only get better at writing… by writing more! Besides, I want to write a book…about life, men and other fun stuff. 2. Share/document my journey. Although, I’m so burnt out from this whole digital sharing age (sometimes I feel like we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing our lives and living in each others bedrooms — including my own), I believe this could lead me to different opinions and viewpoints that will help me excel faster. I also feel this might help someone going through the same thing.3. Personal commitment and accountability. This is for me personally to sit down every day and think “Okay.. what happened today? How have we moved forward? What interesting things and developments happened today?” Good or bad, it shall be documented.4. Cool launch strategy to whatever comes next. Well, if I end up starting my own business this will allow people to follow my journey and thus I shall gain early/fans/subscribers and friends :) I really liked this strategy done by one of the coolest Russian young and bright lady entrepreneur Galiya Berdnikova so thought it would be awesome to replicate. 5. Fun & curiosity. My life is quite unpredictable so it’s always fun to look back and check out what happened in the last 99 days. (And I can also share it with grandchildren!) Almost always there are new things happening in a period of 3 months: revelations and learnings, looses and disappointments, wins and crazy stories. 
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