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Morning run at Lagoa — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A Morning Routine For An Awesome Day

My morning routine has become a ritual that sets me up for a productive and positive day, elevates my mood and puts me in the state of flow.

I try to respect and follow this routine no matter what the location, day, mood or weather. I have tried many different things over the last two years but this specific flow has allowed me to make the best out of my time and energy.

There are plenty of articles, resources and books online explaining the benefits of this morning practice and how different people apply it to their life. Everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you. Your morning routine needs to put you into the right mindset, give you energy and make you feel good about yourself and your day.

I need to get up two hours before I need to leave the house to go anywhere. This allows me to have my proper morning routine, breakfast and getting ready (yes, I’m talking about choosing an outfit and putting on makeup ;-)

One important point to note: a great morning for me would start with a good 7–8 hours of sleep. That is crucial. If I am tired in the morning, I sleep in and then the whole morning routine becomes a joke.

I am not an early riser and this routine is definitely not perfect. I am working on getting up earlier but I LOVE to sleep so I haven’t been able to become an “early riser yet.”

I also have noticed that I don’t like too much order and like to keep things flexible. Extreme order and discipline demotivate me and make me unproductive.

Here is how a typical morning looks like for me:

8:00 — Wake up8:00 — 8:10 Brush teeth, bathroom etc8:10 — 8:30 Write my Morning Pages (these have transformed my mornings and have helped me tremendously with my creative expression.)8:30 — 9:00 Morning yoga stretch & meditation (I don’t actually do a full yoga class in the mornings. I like to go to actual classes for that 3–4 times during the week. I might substitute this time for a morning 1 hour run depending on the mood. My meditation practice is not a proper one either, I need to get better at that.)9:00 — 9:15 Shower 9:15 — 9:40 Coffee + breakfast (here I do some sort of writing exercise or read something inspiring)9:40 — 10:00 Getting ready10:00 — Leave the house 

I would LOVE to push that back by one hour so I can wake up at 7 AM and finish up by 9 AM… I’m still working on that part. Ideally, I would wake up at 6 AM, of course, so that by 8 AM I am ready to start and welcome a new awesome day and hit the road :)

I try to keep up with this routine as much as I can and if I don’t have time, I at least do the morning pages and the quick yoga stretch so I can be out of the house in 1 hour. That is not preferable, though. A dedicated morning time to myself is crucial for my happiness and productivity so I try to never skip it (unless I’m hungover or if it’s a weekend.)

Depending on where I live, my schedule will change. This first week in Rio, for example, has been quite hectic and all over the place with the jet lag, looking for yoga studios, Portuguese classes and a co-working space.

I have figured it all out by now and am ready to get into my usual routine starting Monday. Here is how my schedule will look for the next 4 weeks:

7:00 — 9:00 Morning Routine (see above)9:00 — 13:00 Portuguese Intensive Classes (yeah I know it's four hours...but I have to do it! I am excited to be speaking this beautiful language!)13:00 — 14:00 Lunch & chill (maybe a quick beach trip)14:00 — 18:00 Digital exploration at the co-working space (write my daily post which takes me about 1,5 hours, putting up the wedding website and sending out invitations, going through my online business course, developing my business idea)18:00 — 20:00 Yoga (4 times a wee.)20:00–22:00 Dinner & chill22:00 — Prep for bed (read, write, watch something useful. I am still working on having a productive bedtime routine but that’s next on the to-do list ;-)

I like to take time for myself every day in the morning and at night and have quick breaks throughout the day. This time is sacred. I always end my morning pages with this phrase “I love myself.” I feel that it’s working on a deeper level and providing me with daily inner strength (Ooooooom ;-)

I don’t use any specific apps or notebooks right now to plan my day but I feel like I will need to very soon when I’m developing the business and setting clear goals.

With a routine like this in the morning and during the day I am much more productive. When time is constrained I get a lot done. However, there is a fine balance between discipline and “creative” discipline. I might allow myself to get out and grab a snack or go get some flowers. Frequent “creative” breaks are crucial for me.

My Portuguese language school also offers a lot of afternoon and evening activities like informal chats, city tours, Brazilian movies, capoeira and samba classes etc. so I shall be joining some of them.

For those who have read my previous post Day 9 I can safely say that I am back to having it all together and being comfortable ;-) Can’t wait for Monday and my first Portuguese class!

What is your morning and day routine? What are you struggling with? Any special tips or recommendations? Would like to hear them!


The “Morning” Wanderova

P.S. Here is a tune I LOVE listening to in the mornings:

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