Mas Amor, Por Favor (thoughts on self-worth)

We are the product of our upbringing, our culture and our own self-imposed beliefs. Most of these are developed through childhood and as we become adults it is up to us to figure these out. We are what we think and what we tell ourselves every day.

1. Do you have any savings and how long you think they will last you?2. Where do you want to be in the future? What’s your end goal?
- I don’t really deserve to be wealthy and rich. Money is evil and anyone who has made a lot of money either bought someone else, stole or made it through a scam. (More on money issues and how I overcame them in my next post.)- I am not worthy of great love, great life and great success. This is for other people and not me. Who am I anyways to even want these things?- I should work hard and one day… one day someone will notice and this will be my moment to shine. I should not “boast” about my success, I should always be humble and appreciate what I have. - I am never doing anything right. 

“Mas amor, por favor.”

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