Puerto Vallarta graffiti by the cemetery wall

10 Amazing Things To Do In Sayulita, Mexico

1. The town of Sayulita

This little village doesn’t stop to amaze with its people, the hippie vibe & food. It is famous for its surf beach and weddings so a lot of (mostly American and Canadian) tourists visit the little village. Everyone speaks English, you can walk everywhere (or drive a golf cart like a true gringo) and the weather and the waves are awesome.

Sayulita and its magical environment

2. Yoga & Acro Yoga

I really made the most of the time here and I loved it! And I LOVED the yoga here. I have immediately found a yoga studio I love at Hotelito Los Suenos led by Vanessa Morett and religiously have been attending the classes 3 times a week. This commitment has helped me to really reconnect with myself on a much deeper level with my body and my mind. I swear, it’s like I feel my arms and legs in a more intimate wat and I have developed a special, deeper kind of respect for my body and my mind. Basically, I deepened my practice a lot and am getting ready for my yoga certification training in May in Bali. Namaste ;-)

Discovering acro yoga!

3. Baby Turtle Release

Alert: cuteness overload!

Baby turtle release with Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita

4. Marietas Islands.

Together with a group of other nomads we went on a really cool and crazy boat tour to the Marietas islands (a national park) where we had an open bar on the boat, snorkeled and paddle boarded. Awesome experience!

Boat trip to Marietas islands.

5. Scuba Diving

I am a baby diver ;-) I am super grateful to have done 4 dives and a whale watching trip with Sayulita Entourage. Stephane has been crucial for guiding me under the water (yes, sometimes holding my hand LOL) and Roberta has been very helpful and sweet. I would go diving with them again for sure!

Scuba diving!

6. Puerto Vallarta

I have heard magical things about this city and it was always a place I wanted to go. A quick 1-hour bus ride from Sayulita will take you to PV (as locals call it.) The town is full of art and really cool “dead hot women” graffiti. It also has an awesome boardwalk with these weirdly famous sculptures — worth checking them out! We rented a motorbike for a day and went riding around. There are a bunch of acitvities you can do around PV but we had just a weekend to explore and it was still worth it!

Visiting Guadalajara

8. Tequila

Yes, that’s the name of the Mexican city where agave plants live abundantly and a lot of tequila is produced and then exported. We had a tour of the Tres Mujeres Tequila distillery (at some point the tequila produced here won the “best tequila in the world” award) and then had a super fun tasting session with Mariachis playing in the background! Awesome! Then we had a quick chill out session in the actual town of tequila. Fun and probably worth seeing it.

Adventures in the Tequila town

9. Engagement photosession

OMG! Wanderova is getting married! I know, I know, I almost got used to the idea.

String & Anna photoshoot sneak peek

10. Friends

The hardest thing about leaving a place are the people you meet and develop a connection with.

Our Sayulita friend (a couple good quality ones are missing from here)



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Learn the art of attracting masculine men who are looking for a committed relationship. Watch my free training at go.claimed.com/training?el=medium