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The difference between the symptoms and the root causes of your dating frustrations and how to fix them.

The symptom fixes to your dating frustrations with men (attracting emotionally unavailable ones or feminine men) are pretty straightforward.

Knowing the Rules of the Game

This is something that a lot of dating and relationship coaches teach. I have just put my own spin on it:

1. Learning feminine/masculine polarity (leaning back and allowing men to lead, court, and pursue you)

2. Learning the three stages of the dating funnel (putting yourself out there and being open to approach, always dating three men at a time in your funnel, and not thinking you’re in a relationship until one man claims…

A Practical Guide to a Thriving Relationship with Him & Yourself

When he told me “I feel free with you” I knew that he not only really loved me but he was also deeply happy with me.

How many men have you met that feel this way with their woman?

I have been a quiet observer of relationship dynamics for years and I can see so clearly how a woman who controls her man is ruining her own life and her relationship.

It breaks my heart when I witness a relationship where the woman is “the man” in the relationship and vice versa. The natural roles are completely reversed and while…

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And why your sense of safety within your body is the key to unlocking effective communication and empathy

Unhealthy and toxic masculine men are a kind of men that can be encountered everywhere: at the grocery store, at the board meeting or in your bedroom.

Just like unhealthy toxic feminine women.

In the recent years, in the wake of the #metoo movement, toxic masculinity has been exposed and brought to surface (good thing) but also scrutinized to the extreme (bad thing) where masculinity has become synonymous with toxicity.

Where being a man has become synonymous with being toxic.

But the coin of gender issues is not a one-sided one.

It might feel like it is, and it should…

Anna Rova’s personal archive

Why sex will always be different for men and women and why women and men will never be friends

When you spend a lot of time with a man, naturally a bond develops. You hang out and do different things. You laugh. You watch movies together, you enjoy the same hobbies and activities. You travel together, you visit family and friends. You share meals. You share beds…

Your natural pull towards the same things and values as well as spending a lot of time together is an indication that (surprise!) at least one of you likes the other beyond the pure friendship zone.

That’s how attraction happens.

It’s inevitable.

It’s nature.

We’re programmed and designed to bond over food…

Anna Rova’s personal archive

Make the biggest change, shift and transform who you are and what kind of men you’re attracting

If I was to describe the work that I do with women in my Claimed program to help them start attracting committed masculine men they would be:

  1. Feminine/Masculine Polarity
  2. Feminine Embodiment

3. Reframing Limiting Beliefs

Everything that I do with women in my work boils down to these 3 concepts.

Today I want to share with you my 4-step process on reframing limiting beliefs about men that my clients use every day to make the biggest change, shift and transform who they are and what kind of men they’re attracting.

Limiting beliefs are basically what’s subconsciously driving your patterns of…

Anna Rova’s personal archive

Where to look and how to find that missing piece

Perhaps you are in transition and are looking for a different way to connect to yourself and your femininity.

Perhaps you have this “perfect” life on the outside and have achieved “success” based on society’s description of it but deep down you know there is something missing.

Perhaps you want to contribute to the world and people around you in a deeper, powerful, feminine way.

Perhaps you want to be more present and authentic in your relationships with men and people around.

Perhaps you are “stuck” in a masculine way of doing everything on your own and being strong and…

Anna Rova’s personal archive

3 things you can do today to start letting go of the ego and start relying on masculine structures

Being a woman in business is hard.

Being a wife and a mother doing business is even harder.

Achieving success playing by masculine rules quickly leads to burnout unless we know how to preserve and use our energy in the right ways.

Well, I didn’t quite know how to use my energy in the right ways in my work.

For the past 6 months since my business started taking a pretty steep flight upwards I started getting into burnout cycles.

I’ve had my business for three years now but for the first 2 years I was…

Playing around.

And by…

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Why taking radical responsibility, getting out of your head and dating multiple men at a time is your path to liberation and breaking through the same patterns with men

Every time a woman shares with me her dating & relationship experience she leads with a story.

A story about how it all started, progressed and ended.

There is a a lot of detail in terms of what he and she said, what she concluded from it, how everyone else acted.

But the fact and the reality is that the story doesn’t actually matter.

We have been conditioned to think that it does (the masculine “I think, therefore, I am) but it doesn’t provide us with any efficient solutions.

Understanding something doesn’t actually provide you with the solution on how…

Anna Rova’s personal archive

In the last few weeks I’ve been feeling flat. And feeling flat is a dangerous zone fo me as a creative business owner, content creator and as a woman, wife and mother…

First I followed my own medicine and allowed myself to simply sit with this flatness and welcome it in my body…

Without doing anything about it.

Without having to know the answer.

And without trying to fix it all right now. (Something I was always doing in the past but not anymore.)

It’s quite difficult for someone like me to simply sit in the discomfort but after doing…

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And why your value doesn’t lie in how much money you bring to the table.

“I need to financially contribute to the family and be an equal…”

“I feel guilty having a cleaner because I’m staying at home with the kids and not working so I should be doing all the house work….”

“I want to make $5,000 monthly in my business so I can finally contribute to the family’s budget in an equal manner…”

“I can’t really quit my job and have some time off to figure things out because when I meet a decent man he will think I’m lazy or dependent…”

I hear this from smart, brilliant women all the time.


Anna Rova

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

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