A Thank You Letter To Men

I love you and I thank you. For never making me feel like I’m less deserving because I am a woman. For understanding that I am different but still acknowledging that we are in this together.

Thank you for always treating me with respect and never making me feel like gender plays a role. Thank you for understanding that feminine energy is what makes the world go around and that the world needs more of it.

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Thank you for being there when I feel small, frustrated and stressed. Thank you for the strong shoulder that I can lay on and forget about the world. For holding the space where I can openly tell you how I feel and that I don’t know what to do next. For giving me the assurance that together we will figure it all out.

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I thank you accepting my rejection gracefully and with respect.

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Thank you for the times you hurt me emotionally because those were the times I had to go through to understand why I let you hurt me. And I grew personally, emotionally and mentally. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fall low and climb back on top. I will not live my life in blame and hatred. I choose light and I choose emotional freedom.

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Because together we can figure it out. Together we can create a future that is not only female but also balanced. Because I want a future with men in it. I want a future where we rule together and not apart. Where we are partners or allies and not competitors or enemies.

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