Alex, thanks for your question! The story is quite accidental, really. In college at The American University in Bulgaria, I was very active in a student organisation called AIESEC that offers professional and social internships to students. Mindvalley is still recruiting a lot of AIESECers as full time employees through these internships programs. I was hired to start in customer support (since I didn’t have any experience and was fresh out of college) and spent there 9 months replying to customer questions on personal growth and all the programs Mindvalley had to offer. But the job became boring and I wanted to do bigger things so I applied and got into the email marketing department that was taking care of the automated sales funnels for many of the Mindvalley’s products and where we also took care of the standards of email marketing in the company, list hygiene, deliverability issues and so on. After a year I got a bit tired of it and lost interest and moved to the “Launch” department where we were launching various new products and relaunching old ones through webinars. This job scope was much bigger because I had to work with pretty much all departments in the company and it was very fast-paced and very “real.” But I loved it! In fact, this job was perfect for me! After a year in that team I was ready to move on from Malaysia infected by the “digital nomad” bug and realising that I don’t need to go to an office every day (although Mindvalley had one of the coolest offices ever) and that my work could be done online 100%. I moved to yet another team “Evercoach” that was a sister company of Mindvalley and started working remotely for the next six months. That’s it ) Then I moved for another year full on remote for a partner of Mindvalley’s — Mind Movies :) same same but different. Hope this answers your question. Let me know if I missed anything or there is something specific you’d like to know.

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

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