How I Sold & Conducted My Wanderova (Coaching) Calls — Day 57 of 99 Days of Wander

The process behind the idea, the sales strategy and the results of my first three coaching calls as a result of an experiment where I had to make $150 in seven days doing something I love and am great at. I hit the goal in three days.

“Who? Me? Coach? No way. What do I know? Nah, not gonna happen…”

When I got this task during my Russian online course “Life.Business.Success” with Galiya Berdnikova I freaked out. The task was easy:

Make $150 in seven days however you want, however you can.

The point was to sell anything and get your “entrepreneur wheels” turning. They say you become a real entrepreneur when you actually start selling something. And get rejected or accepted. Multiple times.

I freaked out not because I didn’t know how to make the money. In fact, I had an offer on the table for online marketing consulting services for a growing startup that wanted my experience and was ready to pay good money for it.

The issue was that I was done with online marketing and promised myself that I will only focus on what I love doing and am great at. Online marketing was tempting because I knew so much already and can make money easily. People will pay good money to know what I know about building email funnels, video sales letters and automated marketing processes. But I could not betray myself any loner. In fact, offering my services this way and signing the agreement will do my clients a disservice.

When you’re getting paid doing what you don’t love, you’re offering a disservice to your client or your employee.

Simply because your enthusiasm and curiosity is not there. Because your soul is not there. Because you’re doing something for the money. Noone wants you there if you’re there for the money (okay, maybe some entrepreneurs do, but we don’t want to be like those entrepreneurs.) Your passion is not there and your eyes are not shining when you’re in it.

There are freelance online marketing consultants who love solving their clients’ problems and thus, bringing more revenue and profits to their clients’ business. They love it. They can’t get enough of it.

But that’s not me.

I wake up excited to write my Thank You Letter To Men post because it’s exhilarating. Because I’m extremely passionate about the result, about what readers will feel and say to themselves, about how men will feel appreciated and smile. I even get excited about all the negative comments I will get from the extreme feminists ;-) So that’s what I need to be making money with.

I asked myself:

“What would I do even for free?

What puts me in the flow?

What am I great at?”




Talking with people.

Talking on stage.

Showing that life can be different, that it’s all in our heads and limiting beliefs.

Advising on how to think about life, relationships, men, people, travel and career.

This is how the idea for offering Wanderova Calls was born. These are really coaching calls. I guess I’m going to end this game of running away from myself and state the truth:

This list will continue with: I’m a speaker, I’m a published author, I’m a successful business owner, I’m an influencer, I’m a mother etc.

That’s it. I said it. No one died. I am here and I am okay. I declared to the world who I am.

Relief. Pride. Ownership. Accountability.

Okay cool, now I decided that I will be selling my Wanderova Calls.

What’s next?

Simply offering them on Facebook? Messaging people one by one? Emailing them? That’s spammy and intrusive.

What do I do?

— “Why don’t you write a Medium post about it (tie the offer to the content) and see what happens? This way you’ll offer content first and then lead into the sale?” said my business minded future husband.

— “Hmmmm…”

That’s how Why I Stopped Giving “Wanderova” Calls For Free post on Medium was born, which is now one of my top four most read posts on my Medium blog. In fact, after this post I got the “Top Writer in Travel” status on Medium. #greatsuccess

This was actually one of the most difficult posts to write because I have a sales call to action in it (and because I was scared.)

But I did write it. And it worked. Funny enough, after I posted the article, I asked my future husband whether he thinks I’ll sell anything. “Probably not,” he said. A great way to encourage a starting entrepreneur! LOL The best supporters are great in their own ways :)

I got my first sale for $97 in the first 24 hours. Now I also have the “first sale online” story. BOOM!

Obviously, it was exhilarating and a massive ego boost as well as a proof of concept. OMG, someone actually bought a “Wanderova Call” with me! How did this happen? This is unreal! Jeez!

If I can do this, what else I can do?!

The problem was that I had to earn $50 more and I was determined to earn it through selling more Wanderova Calls. I didn’t want to wait six more days so I got to work and messaged five different people who have expressed interest in my writing and were my legitimate “followers.”

I was honest and said this:

Probably not the best strategy of dropping the price so low and the sales technique needs improving. But here are the replies I got:

Within another 48 hours I got two more Wanderova Calls booked, which comes down to a 40% conversion rate (2 our of 5 people I messaged actually booked the call.) Another BOOM!

Goal achieved. Three Wanderova Sessions booked.

Immense sense of pride, accomplishment and gratitude. Even future husband was surprised.

If I can do this, what else I can do?!

That’s all and good, but now I got to deliver. And deliver in the best way possible to these brave individuals who have put their faith in me as their coach.

The setup for the bookings was simple: I needed my clients to book a time with me in my calendar, exchange skype IDs and answer a questionnaire that will help me help them best.

As soon as the payment had gone through I followed up with this message:

(Looks like Leo is the Gif star of today’s post!)

If you’re interested, the four questions I asked them to fill in are below. Basically, I wanted to know what is their goal and what is stopping them from achieving this goal. Also, what they love doing and are great at.

That’s it. They choose a preset time when I’m available (also shown in their time zone), answered my 4 questions, added me on skype and we were set to go.

My approach to coaching calls.

I knew that a great coach is someone who holds their clients accountable and helps them get results. So I decided to make sure that my clients get out of this session with an action plan for the next 30 days. That’s the best I can do for them and that is the best service I can provide.

During the call I was taking notes with questions and the action plans we decided on together. After the calls I followed up with an email where I listed all the questions and action steps and added some encouraging GIFs, of course! Also set a reminder in my calendar to followup with them in 30 days.

Success loves to be followed up on!


In eight days I conducted three 90-minute Wanderova Calls. It was awesome! I felt very inspired, full of energy and excited to talk to these amazing women and help them figure out their next steps.

My first client burst in tears half way through the session, the other two were less emotional. I felt immense satisfaction and fulfilment and assurance that I was right in offering Wanderova Calls instead of an online marketing consulting session.

I choose energy, I chose enthusiasm, I chose greatness and I chose to be fully present for my client.


Client #1:

Client #2.

Client #3:

If I can do it, you can do it. It’s all in our heads: what we can or cannot do. We just need to try and see what happens. Try and try again. Success is something we make up ourselves.

Do you want some help with it?

Guess what?

Now it’s your turn to book your 90-minute Wanderova Call here.

Now you know the process and you actually saw the results from these Wanderova calls.

What is stopping you? Ah yeah, I know.


I know that $97 doesn’t just grow on trees. Success and breakthrough also doesn’t. You can spend a lot of time and effort studying, researching and doing your best to find your way. That might take a long time.

Or you can jump with me on a 90-minute call and get clarity, get an action plan and clearly see where you need to go.

What you’re getting is access to how I think, what I would do in your situation, how I would proceed with the resources I have and how I act. That, my friend, is invaluable :)

If you think I know something you don’t, then do it. Just like I tried and took a leap of faith with these Wanderova calls, you can too ❤

Let’s jump on the call, let’s make it happen.


The “Coach” Wanderova

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