Everything is Broken. What a Great Time to Live.

Hello, 2018. The Best Year Yet.

“Everything is broken. What a great time to live.”

~ Vicki Saunders.

We’re already positioned strategically on a blanket in a spot where we can witness the biggest event of the year and I can’t help but feel excited.

About what’s about to come, about what the New Year is going to bring to all of us: more prosperity and abundance, innovation and growth, love and joy.

It feels great to know and trust that in today’s world of so much confusion and doubt, hatred, and anger there is still so much space for love, nurture, and growth.

Wherever there is darkness, the light will shine through the cracks.

If not me, then who?

If not now, then when?

If not here, then where?

I had a quite an obvious, yet such a bizarre realization this year that the world has been built by people. Like you and me. Someone one day decided that this is going to be “a country” and wrote all the rules. And in the same way, I can question those rules and write my own rules as long as they don’t limit anyone else’s freedom and make sense.

Cheers to a year of possibility, freedom, justice, and community. Cheers to LOVE because it will save us all.

2017 will go down in history of my life as the year when

  • Quit my marketing job and lived in Mexico, Brazil & Indonesia
  • Launched my Girlskill Podcast
  • Dyed my hair pink
  • Got another tattoo
  • Got married

Instead of the resolutions for the New Year which I always disliked doing, I want to start this cool marathon of top things that happened this year that I saw someone post on Instagram and pass it around! So here it is.

Quality: Authenticity. The more I am me, the better the quality of my work, my people, my followers. Being real is my priority in everything.

Habit: Morning Routine! I nailed it down and it truly makes me happy and productive. Wake up, write morning pages, pull a Tarot Card for the day, meditate, short yoga sequence and I’m ready to go. Writing and creating art daily is also a priority.

Experiment: Dyed my hair pink. Didn’t turn out 100% of what I wanted but I’m loving it anyway. Discovered that I am a true blondie by nature.

Event: Marriage to Estring!

Movie: The Crown TV Series on Netflix. Hands down one of the best shows I watched all year.

Feeling: Femininity. I had fully stepped into my feminine this year and loving every bit. Less doing, more enjoying. Relaxing, loving, playing, trusting. All in. My relationship with my man expanded multiple times because of this practice. I am more in love and happier than I have ever been because of this simple act of stepping back.

Conclusion: Follow your heart and what you feel. Nothing else matters. We’re all playing a game and no one knows your game better than you.

Music: Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

Desire: Connection. True Love. Joy.

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