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5 Misconceptions about Femininity (& What it Really Means to “Be Feminine”)

Why femininity is not what you think & 5 ways to step into your true feminine power.

Most of us misunderstand what it means to be feminine.

So, I want to address the 5 most common misconceptions about femininity & what it really means to “be in your feminine”:

1. Femininity is not a damsel in distress

Or a conniving bitch, a flakey airhead, a fake bimbo… or any other aspects of the feminine which, unchecked or unsupported, develop out of balance.

2. Femininity is not a shallow “performance”

True femininity is not a stereotyped role you need to play for the benefit of “the patriarchy” or “the male gaze” or any of those things.

Artwork by one of my amazing clients. It’s dedicated to her newfound relationship with her femininity after joining Claimed. Find more of her work here

3. Femininity is not giving up your high-powered career

Many women think that they can’t perform at their jobs while being connected to their femininity.

4. Femininity might not “come naturally” to all women

A lot of women ambitious, successful women struggle to connect with their femininity.

5. Femininity is not weakness

We don’t need to reject our femininity in order to be powerful.

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5 Ways to Step into Your True Feminine Power

1. Let go of the need to constantly be in control or prove yourself

You are enough. Realize that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Work on your self-worth and enoughness outside of the masculine idea of power.

2. Don’t compete with men

You don’t need to. Your value does not depend on your achievements. Learn to competitively cooperate with and appreciate men and their masculine power, which is different from yours.

3. Take full responsibility for yourself

Liberate your shame. Get out of your head and into your body, heart, and womb through embodiment practices. Repair your relationship with your menstrual cycle.

4. Relax more, “be” more, create more

Allow yourself. Give yourself permission to dance. Move your body often and freely. Smile and laugh more. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Surround yourself with uplifting people, ideas, events.

5. Get quiet, go deep

Discover yourself. Spend a lot of time in nature, particularly close to water (feminine element). Spend time in silence. Practice meditation.

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