He Wasn’t a “Hell YES”

Here is why I married him

It wasn’t a “Hell Yes.”

He wasn’t a “Hell Yes.”

Turning Point

“How much money do you need?”
“Emmm… $800 for rent, maybe $500 to live until I get everything sorted… Maybe?
“I’ll get you the cash tomorrow. You can pay me back when you sort it all out.”

exactly my face

We end up traveling around the world together for the next two years. During this time I watch him deal with all kinds of life situations and I realize that I can fully surrender to this man to take care of me. I see how treats other people, how he deals with difficult and dangerous situations. Slowly, day by day, I melt into his arms and he wins me over. I let down my guard and completely let go. I open my heart.

My point is that your HELL YES can come gradually. Sometimes it’s not that obvious. Sometimes you gotta let it flow. You gotta give him a chance. You gotta let him lead.

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