Hi Ashlyn, thanks for your reply and your compliment! Let me address a few things you mentioned:

Unfortunately, I think you have misunderstood my point in the article. I do not say that female power lies in a woman's body and how it can be used domestically. Domesticity is a word I never use in my writing because a woman is much more than her domestic duties. Our power lies in our creative energy centers: womb and heart, not in the mind. I never address intelligence not because women are not intelligent and should not self-actualize in various endeavors but because being in the mind and living your life from the mind "intellectually" is not where a feminine essence woman is most fulfilled. In fact, the more women are in their heads, the more stuck they are in their lives. This is not about intelligence - I don't think we should even question the difference in intelligence in men and women - there is no scientific evidence that we differ in our IQ levels.

I disagree that women have had their lives dictated for thousands of years. This is what we see from the outside and is being told to us by the current feminism movement that propagates that women have been oppressed throughout the whole history of time. This is not the full picture. If you dive deeper into history, biology and evolutionary psychology you will see that a lot of the roles that women and men played throughout history where distracted by distribution of labor, by biology (only women have bear children,) evolutionary psychology, and preference (that's why in the most egalitarian countries women are still outnumbered by men in fields such as tech as well as high-risk jobs.)

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