Hi Michael! The “keeper” situations you described are common courtesy situations in which I would behave more or less the same. I wouldn’t qualify these women keepers just yet and give them too much credit for having good manners :) the fact is, today young men and women forget or don’t even know what common courtesy is. (I’ve heard of these women that get insulted when men open doors for them??)

Anyhow, although my description is poetic, it was to illustrate a point. I wasn’t suggesting you get yourself a rose, add some water to it and let it smell forever. A freshly cut rose dies in days. Love the Little Prince btw! I was describing an energy, the feminine energy.

About expectations. I don’t like expectations at all in any relationships. But do I “expect” a man to provide and protect me? Hmmmm… I don’t think it’s a given. I do think it’s good manners is men pay for our dinners, although my husband let me pay when I offered too! You know, I find it strange the situations you describe with women having too much expectations because with this current feminism wave, most women are adopt the attitude of 50/50 or “I don’t need a man to pay for me, protect me and provide because I can do it all myself” so I find it a bit odd that women actually still are expecting all this from a man. I believe maybe you are attracting these women for a reason ;)) (no judgement, just assumptions.) the mirror principles doesn’t escape my mind. Anyhow, back to me. I think today the dynamic is shifting. Today in modern societies when a man and a woman meet and stand on equal socio-economic ground where she can pay for anything she wants, the question really comes down to attraction and polarity. So the payer and the provider is out of question (until she gets pregnant. Then things change dramatically.) This is what my original article was about. Personally, I would like the man to take the lead and for me to feel like a lady because I am a woman predominantly of feminine essence. Can I pay for my dinners, my bills, buy my own car and my own house? Absolutely. Can I protect myself and provide for myself? Absolutely, in fact so many women today are doing exactly that and complaining about the fact that there are no good men. So here the question of “If I bring this to the table, what do you bring?” becomes obsolete because you can’t compete with women over protection, provision anymore. Now it becomes a choice of what roles you and her want to play in a relationship. Everyone has an answer of their own. I choose to let my man pay for dinners, be the provider and the protector (not because I can’t but because I choose to.) He chooses to play this role with me. What is my role then? Let me try and not be poetic, although it’s very hard when describing feminine energy. My role is to be his companion, to be his partner in crime, to challenge him and not let him give up, to let him live on the edge and yes, to look great and smell amazing. To create an energy in the house and in the relationship where he can come “home” and relax in my arms and in my love. To let him be free in his decisions, endeavours and pursuits. To bear children and nurture them. To be his muse and inspiration day in and day out. Ok, this becomes poetic but this is how my relationship functions. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and you won’t believe how these roles intensify when I, as the woman, carry the child inside and can’t work, can’t walk, can’t even sleep properly. Then he truly becomes the provider and the protector. But see, not all relationships are like that and you might disagree with me on many, many points and that’s ok. I teach women this dynamic and how to create this polarity in the relationship because it is what makes me happiest, and so many couples attest to this same dynamic being something they like.

You have beautifully described what you want in your woman and how you want her to leverage feminine strength so I would focus on that. On looking for women like that and moving on from women who don’t fit into this description or educating them about what their role in bringing something to the table.

I hope we have come to a mutual understanding and, although, we might not agree on everything, I appreciate a respectful conversation 👏💃

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host girlskill.com

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host girlskill.com