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Hold a Man’s Heart With Great Care

And let it be free

Anna Rova
5 min readJul 7, 2017


That’s why they call us witches. Because we are. We know how to speak without words, look without eyes and feel without senses. We know it. We are born with it. All of us have it and all of us use it.

I can almost feel how fragile is his heart and I am extremely careful with holding space for it. Our love is yet to fully mature but I will keep a safe space for him to come back without reservations or being put under pressure of my own insecurities and expectations.

He is free in his decisions and in his love. He has a choice. And that’s what makes it temporary. Tomorrow it can vanish. Tomorrow things might be different. We might be different. We are where we’re at. We can’t control it and we don’t have to it.

So as long as I am here I will hold that space for him.

I will be patient, I will guard and protect his heart because he chose me as the keeper of his heart. I can feel how his heart is beating in my hands.

I hold it tight but careful. I know that no matter how far or close he is, he will always come back to where his heart is. As long as I hold it for him. As long as he feels free.

We look into each other’s eyes and he doesn’t see me. As I don’t see him. What we see is each other’s essence. We feel each other’s pulse. We are breathing, we are alive. And we are together. We are sharing this path and this journey with each other. It’s a magical feeling of not loving someone because of what they do, say or how they look. You love them just because they are. There is no need for anything else. We will accept and hold each other despite any external winds and storms because what matters is what’s inside of us.

Hold his heart in your open bare hands. Nurture it, protect it and let it be free. As long as his heart feels free, he will always come back to you.

He loves me. He truly loves me. A woman can feel it.

A woman can feel it fully.

He loves me deeply. Without limits. He gives away his whole heart. No holding back, no expectations.

When a man truly loves, he is stripped off everything. He is raw. He is present. He is fully there. Nothing else matters to him.

His love is so grand, I am almost afraid to scare it away.

When a man truly loves, he is ready. To give me all he’s got. To give the world all he’s got. He wants to succeed. For me. For himself. For those who come before and after.

He is hungry to realize his full potential. For me. For himself. For those who come before and after.

Deep down inside he wants to prove that he is worthy. Of my love. Of my wild open nature. He wants to take the challenge. He wants to fight and bring me his prey.

He doesn’t know it. But he feels it. And I feel it too.

His love is bigger than life, yet it is so fragile. Especially if he had been wounded before.

He is taking a leap of faith because he knows I have chosen him. And he will do his best to be worthy.

He knows the power I have over his heart. He has experienced it before and has been burnt. He hopes and maybe knows that I won’t be that woman. But he will never know for sure.

So I will try my best not to be that woman.

He knows he can get weak and vulnerable when I’m around. Because I will see it as strength. Because I know that only with me he can be bare and raw and I will hold that space for him. He knows that I am his power source. That with me he feels invincible. He comes to me to relax, to be welcomed, accepted and embraced. He comes to me to rest and rejuvenate, to gain his power back before another battle.

He is aware of my great power over him. He is capable of crazy things around me. He is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain my admiration and respect.

I am his partner.

He can’t do anything about the power I have over his heart. In fact, he wants more of it. He is mesmerized by it. It draws him in.

When he gives, he is fulfilled. When he protects, he is fulfilled. When he stands tall against the hurricanes and strong currents to make me feel safe, he feels fulfilled.

I am what makes him go forward, push the limits and do whatever it takes.

Even when I was not in his life yet, I know he could feel my presence.

He appreciates my giggles and my laughs. It makes him feel like a rockstar. He appreciates my willingness to let him lead. He is grateful for my inner girl that screams when she sees spiders and gently asks him to close the heavy door because it’s too hard for me. He feels proud and powerful to be able to pay our check at the restaurant. Or our rent. Or my domain name. Simply because he can.

He is grateful that I’m letting him. He knows I can do all that and even more all by myself.

That’s why he has chosen me as a partner. But the fact that I’m letting him be a man is sexy and appealing. It makes him stronger. It makes him better. It makes him fuller.

So I’m letting him become stronger, better and fuller.

The only responsibility I have is not to fall into the dangerous trap of abusing my power over him.

Realizing the great power over a man’s heart and not using it against him is the greatest challenge we have as conscious women in relationships.

It is not easy. So many of us abuse it and take advantage of a man’s heart. Men are easy to influence. Seduction is our greatest power.

I don’t want to be that woman that makes him regret, close up and hold back. I want to be the woman that holds his heart with great care, appreciation and magic and makes him a better man.

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