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Hold a Man’s Heart With Great Care

That’s why they call us witches. Because we are. We know how to speak without words, look without eyes and feel without senses. We know it. We are born with it. All of us have it and all of us use it.

I will be patient, I will guard and protect his heart because he chose me as the keeper of his heart. I can feel how his heart is beating in my hands.

I hold it tight but careful. I know that no matter how far or close he is, he will always come back to where his heart is. As long as I hold it for him. As long as he feels free.

Realizing the great power over a man’s heart and not using it against him is the greatest challenge we have as conscious women in relationships.

It is not easy. So many of us abuse it and take advantage of a man’s heart. Men are easy to influence. Seduction is our greatest power.

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