How Feminism Violated the Feminine

Lessons and inspiration from Namaste Moore

Feminism had always given me weird vibes. I was very conflicted because from one side I see the “value” in it (or so I thought) but from another side, I see the danger and the destructive powers it has on women, men and the world.

But I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I didn’t have the energy to research it, get into the history, the facts, the details. I don’t want that. Deep down I am just not on board and tired of this “women empower women” or “female empowerment.” Add to that the amount of anger and hate I’m gonna get from voicing it all out.

Now that I’m pregnant I feel the pull to spread this message more than ever. All the feminism slogans and dogma is so foreign to me, I can’t stop thinking about how distorted this whole thing really is.

Now that I carry a child inside my womb I rely heavily on my man for financial, emotional, physical and energetic support. I know that we (baby and I) can’t protect ourselves alone if anything happens. I know I need him more and more each day to show up for us. My walking is becoming slower. I’m not sleeping well. I feel my body growing and growing to carry the weight of a new being developing in my body.

I think about what’s to come in the coming months and early years when the baby will need me more than ever and I, in turn, will need my man. It’s all so interconnected. Baby needs me, I need him. We need him.

It’s crazy how things have become so clear, so transparent. Our family roles have become even more pronounced. It’s not always perfect but it works. And the more women I speak to about this, the more I realize that this is the way. Women who have established roles in their relationships are simply happier. Their men are happier too.

I have been careful to work on our relationship where roles are established clearly. Where we are first and foremost lovers, where polarity exists and is sustained no matter what. Being friends and partners becomes secondary. I have learned this transformational concept from David Deida and shared it with the women in my first group course and it was transformational to them as well.

And here comes this woman Namaste Moore. As usual, you stumble upon something mind-blowing randomly on a Saturday morning while washing dishes (namaste for Bluetooth headphones! 😍🙏🏻)

I have immediately dismissed it as another “divine feminine” woo-hoo spiritual preaching🙄… And then I just start listening… Whatever, let me give this a 5-minute chance…

Holy sh*t, I have to stop every couple of minutes and take notes! Because this woman has put into words what I felt deep down in my heart all this time. Here is what I wrote down:

Ahhh… I have had goosebumps on my skin and tears in my eyes when I heard this. Breath that in.

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