How I Had Cured My Adult Acne Problem With These 4 Steps

My eyes are the mirror of my soul just like my face is the mirror of my diet and my subconscious battles. No one has ever shown me this mirror so I had to discover it all on my own.

I know what it’s like to be almost asleep in the arms of a lover and already be thinking about how to “face” him in the morning without makeup. “Actually, I’ll just keep my makeup on for the night, maybe he won’t notice,” I was telling myself. Or even worse, I thought I would wake up earlier to put makeup on (that happened too!)


The actual miracle happened in July, 2016 when Anna was having a coffee chat with Kara in Barcelona. She was mesmerised by this girl’s story of having a fructose intolerance for about 10 years and being blind to it all. She heard stories about this woman’s struggles through mood swings and energy loss, through chronic tiredness and stomach problems and constant visits to doctors and therapists only to be diagnosed with “chronic stress.” She was being blamed for working too much and having a mental disorder. They wanted to put her on Zanex (or whatever that f*cked up thing is called that they give people to calm them down like they’re some sort of animals when instead, they just need to understand who they really are and get some help on loving themselves again and forgiving their parents for all the fucked up things they’ve done to them…) Ufff, sorry, went off the rails here.

Hypnotherapy (it’s all in your subconscious.)

Okay, time to get serious again. Accidentally, Kara’s friend, Jessica Boston, was a hypnotherapist. I was like “oh my god, no… I will not let some charlatan hypnotherapist lady hypnotise me and then do whatever she wants with my mind…” I was scared.

Epic Barcelona dinner with girls and Jessica, the great energy hypnotherapist (first one to the right)

And I didn’t know how to handle it. I wanted all of them to leave me alone. I wanted all of them to stop telling me what to do because I f*cking knew what to do all my life. Jeez, give me room to breathe, to think, to have my own opinions and thoughts and decide for myself. Stop living my life and living your own dreams through me. I am my own person, I have my own life. Please understand and respect it. I will be okay. I will survive. I will be fine.

At some point I started doing EFT a.k.a tapping:


If you want to read more about the #glutenfree phenomenon, here is a post on The New Yorker and here is an interesting post from Tim Ferris on his readings from Robb Wolf on the danger of gluten.

the kitty knows how I felt.

Mind you, I am not 100% there yet but I am slowly getting there. Bottom line is that I am aware of what I eat, I make my daily food choices and I work on my subconscious and don’t let others guide my life choices.

Stress & Smoking.

The first mini-miracle happened in May, 2015 when Anna left her job in Malaysia to travel full-time and become a digital nomad. She also had finished reading the “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” book by Allen Carr about two months before. She had put down her last cigarette after smoking sporadically for about 10 years (she always thought that smoking 4–5 cigarettes a day is not a big deal really, and it doesn’t mean that she is a smoker. Yeah, right.)

August 2018 Update

My acne problem actually didn’t go away… I slipped. Life became too chaotic and crazy and I couldn’t keep up with my diet. I’ve been travelling the world as a digital nomad and had other priorities…

So I kind of gave up…

Until I got pregnant.

And then found my naturopath.

Right now I’m 19 weeks pregnant and again am on the gluten-free, lactose-free and a bunch of individual ingredients free diet. “But Anna, you gotta be very careful! Doesn’t the baby need all the nutrients it can get??”

September 2020 Update

Oh gosh, what a journey!

Here you see me with minimal makeup but you can notice the difference.

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