How I Discovered The Power of My Menstrual Cycle And Why All Women Need to Redefine Theirs

Plus all the reasons I’m celebrating the return of my cycle after 18 months

Menstrual cycles are what unites us all and make us women. Yet so many of us look at our menstrual cycles as a hindrance. As a nuisance. As an inconvenience that needs to be eradicated and controlled.

So many of us don’t even think of our cycles as something that holds power.

However, in this quest to erase what is uncomfortable and annoying, we also erase who we are and what connects us to the source of being a woman.

I have discovered a new radical way of looking and working with your menstrual cycle — one that brings depth and clarity, self-awareness and alignment to a woman’s wellbeing and her life. And I wished I knew this since the first time I bled.

My Menstruation Story

It was exhausting.

It was starting to get hard to push.

It was starting to become very clear that I can’t live my life like a man anymore.

Woman Type 1: Meet Ally

Woman Type 2: Meet Heather

Woman Type 3: Meet Kate

Here are a few great places to start:

1. Listen to my interview with Claire Baker on Syncing Your Life to Your Cycle 2. Listen to my interview with Red School founders about why Menstruality is The Path to Feminine Leadership Part 1 (coming out Sept 12) and Part 2 (coming out Sept 19)3. Read the Wild Power book4. Start tracking your cycle with apps like Clue5. Start using reusable period products like menstrual cups, reusable pads and period underwear

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