Permission to Be a Girl

And why he loves to play that game with you

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I love that with him I don’t have to think. I can just be. A girl.

I have given myself permission to be a girl before I met him. I have learned to embrace and love that part about me. And I realized how much power this quality has over men (and over my life.)

Just trust it. Trust in the good of men. They will be grateful for it and they will bring the world to your feet.

When he approaches, give him a chance. Give him an opportunity to say something; to try; to challenge himself. Reject him gracefully if you need to. Be that woman in his life that made him feel good about himself. Be that woman in his life who gave him the best feeling of frill. Be that woman who had given him the best sex, the best blow, the best kiss. You want to be remembered like that.

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