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How My Claimed Group Coaching Program is Different & Why It Actually Works

And why you should sign up for your discovery call today to start attracting committed masculine men

Anna Rova
7 min readJun 4, 2020


I realized that I don’t actually talk much about my Claimed program and what it entails in public.

I do all that during my discovery calls with women.

It’s not a secret but I really want to make sure that the woman to who I present the program is a great fit and I can really help her. That’s why you won’t see anything about the outline and the price anywhere on the website.

But recently I’ve been getting questions from women who want to know more about my methodology, how and why it works.

Here is why my group coaching program is different from everything you’re seeing in the relationship coaching and self-help niche:

1. My own experience, research & 1–1 work with women

I’ve designed this program based on my own experience of being in the hyper-masculine “go, go, go” mode all the time and thus attracting feminine men.

I’ve also been attracting emotionally unavailable men and that led me to realize that I’m attracting what I’m mirroring so I started working on my beliefs about relationships, men and women. I looked for answers, transformed myself, and started helping other women.

I’ve also designed the Claimed program based on the 1–1 work with dozens of women for the last 2 years. I’ve held close to 200 discovery calls where I dove deep into their struggles with men and what they want. So I know my prospect EXTREMELY WELL. That’s why when women watch my webinar and then come to a discovery call they say things like “You’ve described me in every single bullet point!”

I’ve also consistently studied the subject of feminine/masculine polarity in relationships for the last 6 years through my two podcasts as well as courses, books, coaches, and research.

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2. Feminine Embodiment

I’ve weaved Feminine Embodiment as the core coaching framework through this program. I’m a certified Feminine Embodiment coach through the School of Embodied Arts and I’m constantly in awe of how much my personal and professional life has changed since I’ve been doing this work.

So when you join the Claimed program, you don’t get a set of relationships and dating tips and tricks where you understand everything theoretically and then I tell you “now go apply it.” I don’t give you templates or techniques of how to “be more feminine.”

What I do is much deeper and that’s why it works. Feminine Embodiment is a modality that takes you out of your head and into your body. It allows you to feel deeply and release layers of piled frozen tension in the body. Essentially, Feminine Embodiment is getting to the truth of who you are as a feminine essence woman.

And that’s a much more sustainable way to show up with men and in your life than applying certain tips and tricks to get you engaged or married. Yeah, sure, I can give you the tips and tricks to get engaged but a lot of women I speak to got engaged and married to the wrong men. They got themselves into destructive relationships that don’t work. So the goal is not to get engaged or married but to actually have a toolbox of practices and foundational understanding and knowledge about feminine/masculine polarity and be able to feel and practice it in real life in relationships with men.

And Feminine Embodiment is key here. I work with a lot of women who have been in therapy for years and what they have been missing is the embodiment piece where they actually get to experience in their body the light and the dark and embrace and integrate all the precious pieces of themselves.

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3. I walk my talk

What I teach in my program I live in my own life. I drop to my hands and knees every day (thus the weird dances I regularly post on social media — that is actually the Feminine Embodiment basic practice that I teach all women in the program) to feel and express.

I continuously work on the feminine/masculine polarity in my marriage with String because that is a never-ending journey. It has become increasingly challenging because I am the face and the “money-maker” in the business so I’m exploring ways of showing up as a feminine businesswoman who still lets her man lead in the house and the business. I also bring in the principles of embodiment, feminine leadership, and polarity into my motherhood, my friendships, and my business and I’m constantly learning myself.

4. I’m a woman like you

I’m not trying to be “perfect,” even though I am the coach and the guide of this experience for the women in the Claimed program.

I am a woman just like them. Just so it happened that I know a bit more about the subject of feminine/masculine polarity in relationships and I’ve done quite a bit of work on myself.

But I’m not here as your “guru” or someone who will tell you whether to leave your “almost-relationship” or not.

A client of mine told me “You speak to me and not at me.” I found that to be the perfect description of who I am and what I do in my work with women and that’s why, I think, it resonates so much.

I’m not trying to be someone I am not.

My job is not to fix you because you are actually not broken. My job is to guide and show you the tools and the practices you can use in your own life to come back to yourself and embody the powerful feminine woman you were born to be — which is magnetic to committed masculine men.

I’m in constant exploration of this subject myself.

I teach what I came here to learn. ❤

It’s a fine line to walk and it’s all a matter of boundaries. There is a way to be a coach and a guide and still be down to earth and very real. That’s what I saw in my coach and that’s what I model.

I love this approach because it creates a partnership between the woman I coach and me as her guide. In this way, our relationship is not based on hierarchy and dominance but on trust and respect. I see my clients gaining confidence and power simply because someone believes in them and sees them for who they are — already powerful and magnetic. And I teach them an essential forgotten skill that’s already in their body. Not from a pedestal but from a humble wooden chair that’s placed at the same table.

5. Live weekly coaching calls, a community & 6-month access

Together with access to a world-class curriculum that is my body of work, you also get entry to weekly live Q&A coaching sessions as well as a collaborative community of women that really becomes your support and accountability system.

It’s one thing to be working with me 1–1 and it’s another thing to be part of something much bigger where you get to see real women struggling with the same things as you but also achieving great success. It feels good to know that you’re not alone and that all of you is welcome.

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Oh and…

There is one more thing! You actually get access to everything I mentioned for 6 months. Yep, you’ve heard that right. Once you enroll, you get access to my body of work, live weekly coach thing sessions, and the community for half a year. ❤

Alright, that’s it. If that doesn’t sell it, I don’t know what does…

Well, actually hold on…

Here is my reviews and testimonials page with messages from women I’ve worked with.

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