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How to Persuade Your Man To Step Into His Masculine

Hot tips, tricks, and tools to get your man on board with the feminine/masculine dynamic in your relationship

If you’re a woman who has stepped into the femininity journey or are slowly realizing that is your path — naturally, at some point, you will be asking yourself the question of how to get your current or future partner on board with this dirty business of polarity and playing more traditional roles.

These men do not understand what we, feminine essence women, need from them is their masculine presence and energy in building this new world together. We do not need them giving up and hiding behind the “we should all be feminists” slogans. Yes, we should and most of us are, but I also need you to pick up the slack, get your shit together and be the provider and the protector. Perhaps in a new way, perhaps with vulnerability and a renewed sense of open-hearted courage but I still want to be taken care of. I don’t want you running away from emotions, responsibilities or bills. I can do it all by myself but the difference between me and other women is that I don’t want to. Because I know a different way. A more fulfilling way for all of us. A feminine way.

This phenomenon of men stepping back is quite new but not surprising at all because women are on the rise. Women are what is driving the economy more and more each day. More women are getting paid higher wages, growing their businesses and getting into powerful positions. And that’s truly awesome and should be celebrated.

Remember — You Choose

That’s how the game works. We forget that we, like many mammals, are driven by primitive sexual desires and that the males peacock themselves and fight for a chance to impregnate as many females as possible. And females sit there enjoying the show and choosing.


All the Single Ladies

Good news, ladies! Your job is pretty easy.

Hot tip #1: Look for patterns in dating. What kind of men are you attracting in general? What’s the same about them? What does that say about you? So if you’re attracting men who want to be househusbands — check in with yourself — where are you emanating the masculine? Are you telling them what to do? Are you trying to do it all never asking for help? How are you feeling in your body? Remember, your energy is what attracts men. Are you relaxed, playful and flowing with Life?  life? That is what attracts masculine men.Hot tip #2: The rule of dating three men at any point in time is more relevant than ever. In order not to get hung up on one guy like we all do, date as many of them as possible, peferably without having sex with any of them until things start getting serious (read: he shows signs of getting serious or you both agree to date each other exclusively.) Until then, you’re a free bird. (read: enjoy the show)Hot tip #3: Men will behave and be what you expect them to be. If you expect them to pick up the check on dates — they will. If you expect them to followup and chase you for a Saturday night at the movies — they will. If you expect them to be gentle, take care of you and treat you like a queen — they will. Even a construction worker or a plumber will treat you like a lady if you expect him to. Remember, they mold and take any shape or form depending on your boundaries and expectations. The very sublte disctinction here between masculine and feminine men is that the masculine men will not let themsleves be dragged on the floor like a puppy just to win you over. It’s a dance. He will not let himself be disprespected. And you shouldn’t play with him in this way either. It’s all a two-way street.Hot tip #4: Never settle for a man in hopes that he will change. Look at him now and imagine living with this current version of who he is for the rest of your life. If you don’t see yourself living and thriving with this current man rigth now — you have to choose you and move on so that others can come and claim you.Good news is that there are plenty of men who stand by strong in their masculinity!

All the Taken Ladies

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and are already in conversations about this whole Feminine/Masculine role dynamic — naturally your man will resist at first. And why wouldn’t he?

Women are not build to be transformers, workhorses or factory machines. We can’t healthily function in the “go” mode all the time. It’s too much for our bodies, minds and feminine souls. It sucks life out of our creative, life-giving hearts and wombs and it’s slowly killing us.

Do not let this messy affair suck you in. And do not let your man give up on his masculinity, you and life in general. For feminine essence women like us, there is nothing worse than disrespecting and not trusting the man we’re with. Parenting our men will only add to the number of children you have to take care of and subtract from the number of husbands you have.

Lesson 1: Stop trying to get him on board

Masculine essence men at their core are already living in their masculine edge without even knowing it. They don’t really need theories about polarity and how to step more into their masculine so they can play that protector and provider role. From the moment they hit puberty they’re trying to figure out what women want.

They say women always expect men to change and men always expect women to stay the same.

Isn’t that a bit of a mind-blowing fact? If only we wouldn’t need our men to constantly be different… If only we ourselves would stay the same… We’ll live happily ever after. Basically. If only relationships were that simple.

Paradox 1: You want your man to listen and to change but you also deep down inside want him to lead the way.

I trust that he will find his way. I trust that he knows best what he needs to do, read, watch and listen for self-development. If I didn’t trust him to find his way — what the hell would I be doing with this man? I’m not his mother, not his therapist and not his teacher.

Set him free.

Lesson 2: Let him lean into his masculine

This lesson is truly magic. Because it’s so easy. Women ask me all the time how they can make sure their men step into their masculine. And I always tell them that when you lean into your feminine, things will start taking care of themselves. Simply because by default you’ll just stop doing what you’re not supposed to be doing and start doing what makes “your shelf full.” You will automatically give him a chance to rise and lead. You just have to trust the process and trust your man.

Lesson 3: Expect him to resist

Paradox 2: Even 60 years ago (some) women in America would have loved to go to work but weren’t able to. It just wasn’t feasible. Their husbands wouldn’t have let them. Today (some) women would love to stay home and not work but it’s just not feasible. Their husbands wouldn’t let them.

Make sure you equip yourself really well with patience, tolerance and time. Because he will not like it. He will complain. He won’t “get it.”

At first.

Until he will see the “results.”

That’s how masculine beings operate. Two incomes are better than one. And of course, it makes total sense. Why does he have to work harder to bring in all the income if both of you can do it? $10,000 a month is better than $5,000!

The only thing the masculine, of course, innocently forgets is that we, feminine beings, do not operate in masculine ways. Two incomes are all well and good but the dishes, the laundry, and the children won’t take care of themselves in the same 50/50 manner. Our monthly cycles will not take care of themselves either. He doesn’t bleed every month releasing unfertilized eggs. His body is made to fight, survive and push. And when pregnancy and childrearing knock on our doorstep — the idea of two incomes will be thrown out of the window.

We don’t have to blame the masculine for not seeing what we’re seeing; for not feeling what we’re feeling; and for not hearing what we’re hearing. They simply do not know and do not understand. They’re not us. Men have been figuring out what women want since the moment they hit puberty for thousands of years and they still have no clue what drives us.

The Toolbox

Feminine beings are quite resourceful when it comes to getting our way, especially with men.


Your man will get on board with this new dynamic when he sees and feels the results. Masculine creatures are goal and results-driven.

For your man to be on board with all of this — he has to see and feel the results. It will take time but it will happen. Especially when he starts seeing the difference between his woman and how he’s feeling inside his own relationship and other relationships. Especially when he’s out for beers with other dudes and they start complaining about their wives. Then he will know. Then he will understand. You just need to gently remind him of it from time to time. If you set him free, stay on course with polarity and divide and conquer in this way — the inevitable results will come through your own energy and how you feel.

The Ultimate Argument — Pregnancy

This is a fail-proof argument. Use this one when nothing else is working. However, bear in mind that some women still manage to try and do it all even WITH children.

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