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Playing the Dating Game With Intention & Ease

Get out of your head, own your femininity and your power as a woman

“On the first date, I ask men if they’re looking for something serious. If they don’t, I move on.” an incredibly bright young woman from New York City told me yesterday during a discovery call.

She said she doesn’t want to play any of the dating games and tone herself down to “be more available” or even date more people at a time. What a waste of time and energy!

Most women today feel the same way and it’s actually NOT SERVING them. In fact, this is the worst question to ask on a date. He doesn’t even know who you are and you’re already asking him whether he wants something serious. Besides, when you sit down a man and have the need to ask “Are you looking for anything serious?” or “Where is this going?” — these are the signs that your polarity dynamic isn’t going in the right direction.

The answer to these questions is always “It depends.” Imagine you’re going on a first date with a man who’s kind of pleasant and kind of attractive but you’re not 100% sure and so when he asks you “Are you looking for anything serious?!” what are you going to answer?

It depends.

Women today are so uptight about the whole dating game. So much in their head. Always calculating, strategizing, and thinking ahead. They are disappointed and ready to give up. They’re discouraged and don’t want to hit the same walls again and again.

What women need to understand is that we’re both playing an equal game in dating and we need to realize our incredible feminine power when it comes to dating.

Understand that as a woman, YOU CHOOSE. Men compete to get your attention and you are the one who chooses your mate. It’s been like this for millions of years and it’s still driving our mating behavior. Males compete with each other for the most beautiful females and females (covertly) compete with each other for males with the most resources. In simple terms, it’s evolutionary psychology.

In more complicated terms it’s the dance of polarity. If you want to attract a man who leads, who is assertive and ambitious, and who will take you by the hand and claim you as his woman — you gotta play the game with him. The game of courtship and dating can be easy and fun if you get the cockroaches out of your head and work on your belief system, stand strong in your feminine energy and know your worth and your power as a woman. Men would give anything to be with a woman who’s easy-going, beautiful, and fun to be with.

Stop thinking about “where is this going” and “are you looking for anything serious” and start feeling into your body more and into your feminine energy that is so magnetic to men. Only from that place, will you be attracting strong, masculine committed men. The game of dating is incredibly sexy, fun, and beautiful if you know how to play it.

Stop lying to yourself that you don’t want to play the game. The romance game is why we’re in relationships with men. We want to be courted, we want to be asked out and we want to feel the butterflies in our bellies when we’re just about to meet him.

When you work on yourself and your beliefs about men and relationships and you rebuild your self-worth — everything shifts and men feel it. Make a goal to become that type of woman. Men will line up to spend time with you and ask you out because they want to feel free with you.

Remember: You Choose and You Are The Prize.

Ready to Upgrade?

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I help single successful women attract committed masculine men | Founder of

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Anna Rova

Anna Rova

I help single successful women attract committed masculine men | Founder of

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