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Set Yourself Free — The Guide to Being a Good Enough Woman

3 major mistakes you’re making in your relationships and how to turn that around using your feminine essence

The more you do for him, the less attractive you seem to become.

The more you are like his mother, the more distance it creates between the two of you.

So the more you’re setting him free, the more he will appreciate and be attracted to you.

The Problem

Mistake #1: Putting yourself last

They forgot to tell us then if women are burned out — the world is burned out.

If we are depleted and exhausted, our husbands, children and communities are depleted and exhausted. If we are okay, everyone is okay. If we are thriving, everyone is thriving.

You’re a good enough woman.

Because a woman who is in her full being owing her pleasure, owing her sensuality and owing her worth as a good enough woman who doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone — is a magnetic woman.

A woman is like a gas station for a man.

Mistake #2: The expectations trap

Mistake #3: Not asking for help

The way out

Here is your mantra

Ready to Upgrade?

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