How & Why I Became a Certified Yoga Instructor

Who, me? Yoga teacher? No way. Never ever dreamed about it. Yet here I am on my last day of a 200-hour yoga teacher training with a certificate in my hand ready to teach yoga.

Graduation Day
Here I was at my yoga teacher training in Bali i n Warrior 1.

We are where we’re at.

That will never be me.

I was always fascinated by yoga.

Addicted to “here and now.”

Getting into Vrsksasana (tree pose)

“There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. You are here and now.”

Addicted to progress.

We are where we’re at.

Getting serious about yoga.

First thing I did when I landed in a new country was find a yoga studio. Only then I knew I would be okay. Yoga has become part of my daily practice whether it was for only 20 minutes a day or a full on 90 minutes in a class.

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