I’m Wanderova, AMA — Day 66 of 99 Days of Wander

Sixty six days ago I quit my full-time online marketing remote job and started my 99 Days of Wander journey. I wanted to experiment and document what will happen next. I was super curious!

And what happened next has overcome all my expectation (not that I had many :) Steve Jobs was right:

Here is what I knew at the beginning of my journey:

- I was done working in online marketing
- I was done with a full-time job
- I was done working in personal growth
- I bought a 2.5 month Russian course on “Life. Business. Success.”
- I was on my way to Rio de Janeiro to live for 3 months
- I wanted to study Portuguese
- I booked my 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali in May
and the most important one:
- I was starved creatively, uninspired and unfulfilled

I didn’t know what exactly I will do with my life professionally or creatively. One thing was clear: I knew what I didn’t want and where I was unfulfilled. And that was enough for me to decide that things need to change.

Did I know that 66 days later I would become a Top Writer in Travel AND Relationships on Medium?

woop woop! #winner

Did I know that I will make my first attempt at selling my own coaching calls online and eventually sell three of my Wanderova Calls in three days?

Did I know that I will soon be starting my online business with my partner and we’d spend more than $1,000 on a killer domain name?

Of course not. I didn’t know any of that.

Two thirds of my journey are now gone and I want the the next 33 days to be focused on YOU.

Is there anything I can write about that YOU would be interested in reading?Can I share my journey in a way that’s interesting to YOU?Have you ever read anything posted by me and had a question but were too busy/hungry/lazy to ask?

Comment below this post with YOUR question. Who knows, I might write a post about exactly that!

Here is what I feel comfortable in answering questions on, a.k.a my areas of expertise:

Digital Nomad Life: Travel

My full-time travelling journey started two years ago with a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Since then I travelled all over the world, lived on different continents and countries and spent countless hours in taxis, co-working spaces, planes and Airbnbs.

I have also learned a lot about myself and the world. It has indeed been the most transformational time of my life.

If you’re interested in how I do it and live a full blown adventure on the road full-time, AMA!

By this time I have already seen enough of the disadvantages of this lifestyle and the illusion of “building a business on the road” so I can also talk about that.

Anything on planning trips, living abroad full time, how I choose my destinations, tips on travelling and living in all the countries I’ve been to, making friends on the road, managing money, using passports, visas etc. — all that I can answer.

Digital Nomad Life: Remote Work

I’ve now worked remotely full-time for two years so I can share my experience in how I did it, how to go about finding work you love doing and are good at while working remotely and much more.

AMA on schedules, hours, organization, teamwork and leadership.

Personal Growth

I worked in personal growth selling audio and video programs online on everything related to meditation, limiting beliefs, chakras and EFT. I’ve also replied to customers who are into astral projection and quantum jumps (yeah, that’s a real thing.)

I call myself an “accidental personal growth junkie” because I really wasn’t looking for it (well, unconsciously I was but I didn’t know it back then.) I was immersed in an environment that sells online programs on self-development, healing and personal transformation for five years. This experience by default made me understand myself and other people much better and build a life that I love living.

Over the last 66 days I have explored the subject of fear and trust, wrote letters to my younger self and openly expressed why I don’t care about current affairs.

We all are a little bit broken inside and our path to healing is through understanding who we are, forgiving ourselves and the world, dropping our expectations and of course, rebuilding our self-worth and self-love.

I am a believer in Law of Attraction, doing what makes you feel good and staying true to yourself. That is the Wanderova Movement ;-)

So comment below and AMA!


I am the host and founder of the ManInside Show podcast where I interviewed 43 men about women and relationships. The project is now closed but I learned and explored the subject of men in peculiar detail. As a result, I developed a healthy relationship with men, changed my limiting beliefs and preconceptions about relationships in general, and I learned to truly appreciate the masculine energy.

I believe that meeting my future husband, Estring, one year ago in Colombia, is a direct result of this exploration. We are currently planning our 3-day wedding event in September in Moldova. The organization of a digital nomad wedding is quite an adventure in itself but the first step is done: I have built our wedding website with Squarespace in two days!

The subject of relationships, feminine and masculine energy is very close to my heart. In fact, the content of online business is very much connected to feminine energy.

I am a believer in two whole people coming together to form a beautiful partnership. But before that happens these two people need to become “whole” on their own. And unfortunately, most of us are not whole because of what parents, society and media have told us about ourselves, love and the world.

I believe the current notion of “you have to give up everything for me” love is broken. I believe that people are unhappy in relationships because they expect their partner to lick their wounds and fix them. Building a healthy relationship on this premise is dangerous and unhealthy. So I believe in “self-licking” and self-healing before we are ready to meet an equal, whole partner and build a healthy relationship.

If the above resonates with you, AMA!

Blogging on Medium

My stats on medium in the last 30 days.

Medium is an awesome platform for anyone who wants to write, express themselves and find their own voice. The best thing about Medium is that you don’t need to learn SEO techniques, drive traffic to your posts or build your list to be successful, which most of the writers or creatives hate. Medium does all that for you so you can focus on why you’re here: writing.

I can share my experience about writing on Medium, exploring the platform and strategies for success. Another amazing thing about Medium are its publications where you can read articles from a trusted source and also write for trusted sources — all inside one platform.

If Medium is interesting to you as a platform, AMA!


My creative journey is surprising but a very fulfilling one. My creative life is the most fulfilling journey I’ve ever allowed myself to embark on.

I always knew I had something special inside that wanted to come out but I’ve never taken it seriously, that is, I have never given myself permission to. Because first, you need to focus on the real jobs and then talk about your creativity as a hobby… what a bunch of BS.

I am currently working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This book is an incredible resource for “recovering creatives” and is helping me plow through my limiting beliefs about creativity, my imposter syndrome and loving my inner artist child. I religiously write my morning pages every say, take my child artist on dates, buy colouring books and pencils, exploring sewing, fashion design, acting and rollerskating.

I’m learning to be my most authentic self, following my curiosity and intuition, writing about what’s important and interesting, and letting go of any expectations from my creative process. Genuine, intuitive, original content is my thing.

Currently I am fully focused on exploring my journey as a writer, the stylistic details of this art and expressing myself in a way that people would love to read.

The best example I can give of my creative results is the 3-part short fiction series of the Story of Emma & Jack.

Any questions about creative journey, please AMA!

Email Marketing

Not my favourite subject but I am willing to share the knowledge.

For five years I was creating and managing automated email sales funnels, email platforms, email copy, lead magnets and landing pages, converting video sales letters, monthly promotions, webinar launches, invite, show-up and followup email sequences. I was also involved in developing various programs online and improving user experience. I was working with teams of business managers, marketers, copywriters, designers, videographers and tech guys. All of this exeprience was inside the personal growth niche (meditation, chakra healing, EFT or Tapping, limiting beliefs, law of attraction etc.)

Very cool stuff but not really my passion.


Healthy Lifestyle

I’m not a health and gym junkie. But I have a productive morning routine, a healthy relationship with my body and my inner self, an active lifestyle and a gluten and lactose free diet on most days :)

I am at my ideal weight (52 kg), I feel healthy and sexy and I can’t imagine my life without yoga. In fact, I shall become a yoga teacher in June and start teaching yoga. Yoga has transformed my life on many different levels and it has become my daily practice for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Any questions about finding yoga studios while travelling or a great morning routine? AMA!


The “AMA” Wanderova

P.S. I’m serious: scroll down and comment with your question. I will get back to you. While you’re at it, make sure to “heart” this post.

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