Jesse, I really enjoyed your post. It was funny and provoking and I feel what you’re saying. However, I think that the issues you’re raising should be taken a little less seriously and a little more with humour. Yes, we startle men with the knowledge, the ambition and the boobs because men have not experienced that before. Women didn’t have as much opportunity before so, of course, the older ones will think that our dads helped us craft that document… No matter how ridiculous it sounds. I know it does sound ridiculous and you want to strangle them there and then. But I think it’s very funny really :) And there are plenty of men who don’t think that and who know women can be much more creative, passionate and intelligent then men. Women have their stereotypes about men as well: “oh, you only care about money and your dick.” Or “oh, really? You care about my feelings?” And that guy that invited you because you are a female, who cares? He’s making an effort. Yes, a lot of people don’t know how to act in situations like events and parties and in an event to be more “politically correct” they try to invite EVERYONE to feel like they’re being inclusive. I’d laugh at it but appreciate it. I believe that change happens faster this way. :) We might agree to disagree.

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