Jordan Bray thank you for your comment. If we are talking about developing empathy I believe empathy should be developed towards men too. Not the men who have mistreated you (and I am deeply sorry about that) but the men who don’t know how to behave with a woman today. That was my point. I don’t need to get abused to “get it.” In fact, I find it offensive that you would think that and I sense anger. YOu want me to feel your pain, I understand. Should I ask you to feel my pain about me loosing my mother when I was 8? Should I ask you to feel my pain when my father was beating me up with a rubber stick when I was 14? No, I don’t because I don’t need you to feel my pain or to be sorry for me simply because I can heal my wounds, take responsibility for my own life and create a better future.

And while I agree that there is a severe lack of empathy for those who suffer I also believe that taking charge of your trauma and healing yourself is the way out of feeling like a victim. Please notice that I am not addressing this point towards you but towards victim mentality in general.

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

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