Kseniya Negron wow, I never thought about this point that so many women are not aware that they have a choice. I guess that is the whole point of my article. I was thinking whether to expand the radius to 100km but then thought that it’s too long of a drive to find a job and find a man :) LOL

Your other point about being grateful to women who speak up and don’t let their stories haunt them is absolutely valid. It’s the same for me when I share how I lost my mother etc. I think there is also a difference in how we share our struggles and our pain: from a place of power or blame and guilt. That is the main difference. I appreciate an honest sharing when it lifts me up but not down. When a woman shares #metoo but I have taken this situation and turned it around.

And yes, to fairy tales! I mean NO to fairy tales! haha My favorite fairy tales are in the Women Who Run With The Wolves book. Clarissa Pinkola really dissects all these tales of womanhood and goes deep into the female psyche. While all of these fairy tales are a pile of bullshit we are somehow drawn to them aren’t we? Simply because we want to believe in magic. We want to believe that I don’t have to do anything and he will come and ask for my hand. It doesn’t work like that. First, we have to do “the work” and then he will come. Although, I tend to like the romanticism of these tales — I wouldn’t read them to my daughter. At least not these ones. I would want to instill femininity into her, belief in strong men who can only help her and not hurt her, that she can be and do what she wants but she needs to understand polarities and how to work with them :)

thank you for reading!

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