Lev, you got some brilliant writing. I love it. It pulls you in, it’s genuine and sexy. I know exactly the story you tell, I’ve seen it. Nevertheless, I have travelled for 2 years now and not calling myself a digital nomad anymore. I call myself a location independent entrepreneur and my story is very different from the story you portray no matter how honest it is. You describe someone who went into this journey to maybe find themselves and try it out and not for exploration of the world. They went into it for the wrong reasons. They didn’t fight for it, move around, didn’t give up to making it happen. They didn’t do self-study to understand that the world can be either a shit place or a great place depending how you look at it. I lived in Thailand for 5 months. Then Colombia, then Mexico, them Brazil. I’m in Bali now and I know why I am here. I had a full-time job remotely for 1,5 years which gave me the security. I was paid really really well. Now I’m making it on my own. People jump into these things lured by a photo on social media — wrong and pretty dumb decision if you ask me. There is no strategy to it. What I’m saying is if you’re smart about it, genuine in your pursuit of the world (and not upset by Thai government and restrictions… Fuck, I come from a small poor Eastern European country, I’ve seen worse.) and genuine curiosity to live on your own terms then you can make it. Or not. Everyone has their own story but I see stories like yours and I am compelled to reply that it’s not always like that.

Side not: how did you get your story to be read by medium as audio? Is that a program of theirs? How do I apply?

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