Life Coach for Women: 9 Reasons Why You Need One

And why we finally need to let our darkest secrets out

Life is not about fixing it all. It’s about accepting and merging with what is. It’s about recognizing the situation as it is right now, feeling what you’re feeling, understanding, welcoming it, learning the lesson and moving on. We don’t have to rationalize everything all the f*cking time. (Because sometimes #hormones)

Power is on the other end of shame.

Modern women are more stressed than ever. Relationships are not working anymore. Divorce rates are through the roof. Men and women don’t know how to treat each other at work, at home or on a date. There are more questions than answers.

How to choose a life coach?

1. What was their situation before they started to work with this coach?2. How did the coaching go? What did they do during their sessions, what were some “aha” moments during the process?3. What was the result or the biggest takeaways this person had from coaching? 

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