Mariza! Thank you for your question and your nice words and sharing my stuff on FB! :) I completely understand you because I have been there myself when I was doing the ManInside Show podcast. I was by myself, I was new to this and I didn’t have a good support group or any money to invest in myself. I wasn’t “ready” yet. I achieved success in my own way but I wasn’t taking it seriously.

Right now I have a different story: as you know, my fiancee is helping me build the business, and is such a great support. Having him around focusing on all the tech stuff, processes, emails, outsourcing and online marketing makes me feel very supported AND, most importantly, I can finally do what I do best and what I love: creating content, writing, podcasting, strategy and branding. That’s what I am here to do :) I hate that all marketing, website, email stuff. He takes care of that and is very business minded. In fact, he was the one who said “let’s do it” and bought the domain for us. I am not sure I would do it by myself, to be honest. I think I would but it would look differently. I am not saying everyone should have a String (but I think the world would be so much easier if each one of us had one :) and having that support and the kick in the butt is so essential. I remember he asked me before we started this whole thing “Is this a hobby or a business? If this is a business, treat it as such.” That changed the game for me :) Business likes when you take action, treat it with respect and show up. It’s like a partner in crime. You don’t move, it doesn’t move. I also take this as a game and lightly in the sense that I do what I think is right every day. I do what my intuition tells me and it works because it’s true and authentic.

Now, someone can have a String and still not succeed and get distracted and not do what they need to do. In fact, I am the driver of everything every day. Because I am the creator of the idea, the content creator and the face behind the business. So nothing would have happened if I didn’t take action every single day. I take care of say 80% of the stuff right now.

As you also know, I made the decision and I bought the Russian online course on life, business and success and it’s helped me tremendously. I would compare it to B-school (only like 8 times less money.) It takes into account the fears girls have and pushes us forward. It taught me that I am no different than everyone one and that I can do it. I really can. And if not me then who? If not now then when? So I said “fuck it” I’m going for it full force and I’ll see what happens :) And so it’s happening.

I’m taking it seriously, I’m taking writing seriously and I am taking your question seriously and replying to you after 8 PM on a Wednesday because I care :) So I’d say ruthless determination, commitment, focus and a support group would be an awesome start. A paid membership or a coach would be even better cause your money is on the line and you’re committed.

Ok gotta go! love you ❤

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host