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Menstruality as The Path to Feminine Leadership with Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer — Part 1

Girlskill Podcast Episode 119

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About This Episode

Alexandra & Sjanie are the co-founders of Red School, where they teach a radical new approach to women’s health and wellbeing; creativity and leadership; and spiritual life based on the power of our menstruality consciousness.

With combined experience in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, teaching, and facilitation, they are both published authors and experts in the fields of women’s health, wellbeing, and spirituality.

Between them, they have forty years of exploring and learning about menstruality from their own deeply lived experience and the collective knowledge they have gathered from working with thousands of women in workshops, one to one sessions and passing conversation.

“Leadership is coming to know who we are and really being our unique self… really occupying the unique genius, brilliance and beauty of who we are and building a wholesome, kind, and good relationship with ourselves so that we know how to care for ourselves so we are always resources and nourished and full with our own affirmation.”

Join us for a conversation of what feminine leadership really is, how to access the cyclical consciousness of our being and why menstruality is the path to claiming our true feminine power. Here are the details of what we talked about:

  • Why menstruality is the path to a deep sense of connection and authority
  • Why current masculine leadership models don’t work for women
  • The urgency of embracing the feminine way of being and leading
  • How by changing ourselves we can change the world
  • Accessing cyclical consciousness as the doorway to leadership
  • The importance of practicing menstrual cycle awareness
  • How to connect to yourself using your cycle
  • Redefining leadership as the unique brilliance & beauty of who we are
  • Cultivating awareness & responsiveness to yourself through your cycle
  • And much more…


  • Red School Online
  • Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer — As a woman you are coded for power, and the journey to realizing the fullness and beauty of that power — your Wild Power — lies in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle.The menstrual cycle is a vital and vitalizing system in the female body, yet our understanding of and respect for this process is both limited and distorted. Few women really know about the physiology of their cycle, and many do not see it as an integral part of their health and wellbeing, let alone as a potential guide to emotional and spiritual empowerment.

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