Michael, I couldn’t agree more and I understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for being open to having a discussion. It’s crazy what’s happening to men and what role women are playing in that dynamic. So I am with you there and I would be the first to say that we as women need to show up and meet our men half way, not just be pretty, put on makeup and wait for him to offer us the throne. I believe this particular article was perhaps misinterpreted in intention. By no means in this article I was implying that men should just lead us and we simply play a passive role. This article was addressed to women (who I was myself once) who was slaying and smashing my way through life and bitching about the absence of good masculine men without realizing that I was a man myself. And so, therefore, I was addressing women to let the men lead the relationship and establish the direction, thus creating polarity in the relationship.

Men should crave their own path to who they are and want to be without women telling them so. I think what you’re talking about is happening because men are today afraid to overstep and be accused of being too much. It is quite a sensitive time for everyone. But a man who stands in his own power and truth and knows what his values are, what kind of a woman he wants – that’s the man I respect.

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