Michael, it almost feels that I should ask you or maybe you should ask yourself whether you’re dating the right women and whether you have female friends that are aligned with your vision of dating?

Now, I know that NYC is a crazy place and what’s happening with the new “feminism” movement is leaving lots of women confused and with more questions than ever. If you are studying relationships, you might be familiar with the concept of patterns and mirrors. The idea is that if you’re attracting the same type of women (who tell you “court me and I’ll make you a better man,”) it actually might be saying smth about you. Please don’t take this personally, obviously I don’t know you and your situation, I’m making blind assumptions based on our discussion.

I can’t imagine myself having such discussions with a man I’m dating because there is no need to. Sure, we can hypothetically speak about it and I can chat about it with my girlfriends and male friends but when two people who come together and know what they want from a relationship, and know themselves, there is no need for “if I do that, what will you do?”

It almost seems like you yourself don’t actually know what does or should or can a woman bring to the relationship if you’re the one courting and paying the bills? What role do you want her to play? What do you want her to bring to the table? How is she worthy to you as a woman? Perhaps, if you answer these questions yourself, then you will start attracting women like this?

Again, I apologize in advance if I had assumed blindly certain things, it is not my intention to judge. I’m sharing my perspective with a hope that it is helpful. There is so much bullshit in the dating world and indeed so many girls sit there and wait for men to either “save them” or “provide for them” while she just shows up. The question is why are you attracting these women? :)

With love,


Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host girlskill.com

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host girlskill.com